Sweet on You Give Away

** The give away is over. ** I hate transition seasons and currently I am in one.  But one thing that makes those seasons better is books by Chautona Havig.  There is something about her writing that helps me take a deep breath and step out of the craziness for awhile.  I am excited to be a part of her launch team […]

Two Reads I Highly Recommend

This month I only have two books to review.  It feels strange not to read as much, but my time has been full of traveling and visiting family as well as working on a big crochet project.  Yet sometimes, it is worth it to have quality reading over quantity.  That would be true for the following two books. The first is a book I am […]

What I Learned In March (2016 Edition)

We have been in the states one full month.  It has been quite the adventure as we have been figuring out what is next for us and visiting family.  During the second week in March, our family gathered in Iowa for W and Big D’s spring breaks.  It was a week full of scrabble, ping pong, long walks, tennis, and […]