Spring Lessons 2021 Edition

These past few months have flew by too quickly, and sadly my brain has been too full of other things to write in this space. Thankfully, it has been a good full as you will see below. Today, a few days before Summer officially begins, I take a few minutes to reflect on the lessons learned this spring. Here they […]

Intended Consequences

So many of our actions have unintended consequences. As humans, our minds are not made to see every possible outcome of each decision. Most of the time, we see the situation from our point of view and if we are lucky maybe at least one other point of view. From an outside perspective, some of the consequences seem obvious. For […]

What’s Saving My Life Right Now (2021 Edition)

In a year of transitions, craziness due to COVID and elections, and just life in general, sanity can sometimes be difficult to find. Finding what grounds us and keeps us sane is essential to not only living but being resilient in an ever changing world. Every year Modern Ms Darcy encourages bloggers to link up with her about what is […]

December Reads (2020 Edition)

This fall, I felt like I was navigating new terrain. Things often seemed uphill and rocky at times as I learned new technology, reconnected with family and friends, and experienced American politics first hand. They say that returning to your home culture can often be more challenging than going to a new culture. Things are the same yet they aren’t. […]

We All Want to Belong

Have you ever wanted to recommend a book to a fictional character?  I have.  I don’t know if it is a side effect of reading too much or the timeliness of the topic (belonging) in my life.  My vote is for the later.  Three characters in Tricia Mingerink’s book, Midnight’s Curse, wrestle with belonging which is the theme of Kristen Strong’s book, Back Roads to Belonging. […]

Not Letting a Bad Experience Define Your Future

We have three families on our aviation team.  This week the wives decided to go out for lunch.  Something we don’t do as often as we should.  Our husbands carpooled to work so we would have a car.  I volunteered to drive since I have the most experience with a manual vehicle and also a Liberian driver’s license.   I rarely drive off of the compound because when […]

Lessons from the Syrophoenician Woman

Towards the end of Mark 7, Jesus exited Galilee and entered the region of Tyre, Gentile territory.  He entered a house not wanting others to know he was there.  For some reason, he needed privacy, a time away.  From previous chapters, you know he needed a rest.  He fed the 5000, calmed a storm, was confronted by the religious leaders, and […]

God and Our Call (Lessons from Jeremiah)

Often when we come to the scriptures, our first question is how does this apply to us?  I am learning more and more that my first question needs to be what does this passage tell me about God.  It is only when I have a right view of God that I can then have a right view of myself.  We see […]