In 2 weeks, we will be moving again. In the last year due to training and getting ready for where God is sending us, we have moved 4 times. I am excited but also anxious about this move. The excitement comes from knowing we will be in the place we have been planning to go for so long. Even the […]

God is Still on the Throne

On the news, we see the images of the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, an avalanche in Afghanistan and always wars and rumors of wars. In my email, I see that a friend has lost her husband, someone is sick and dying of cancer, a child is hurting and so is the mother. Where I live, each day I […]

Washing Machines and Other Things

Last week was a hard one for me. The week began with my Big D waking up with a sore throat and not being able to go to school. As the week progressed I wasn’t feeling too great myself and then things began to break down. First it was our washing machine and then our toaster oven that we do […]