God is Still on the Throne

On the news, we see the images of the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, an avalanche in Afghanistan and always wars and rumors of wars. In my email, I see that a friend has lost her husband, someone is sick and dying of cancer, a child is hurting and so is the mother. Where I live, each day I pass people who don’t have enough clothes on to keep them warm and I wonder if they will have enough to eat that day. Sometimes it is overwhelming to think of all the hurt and pain in this world. We feel a burden for all that we see and hear. We pray and often do what we can. But the burden that we bear is nothing compared to the burden of sin and suffering Jesus bore on the cross for us. Even now He is at the right hand of God interceding for us and making a way. He knows how we feel.

Where is God? God is on His throne. He was on His throne in Isaiah’s time when Isaiah came face to face with his sin and accepted God’s call. He was on His throne as Jesus bled and died and rose again the third day. In Revelation, we read that God will still be on the throne and worshipped by all. And even though we may not see it, we know that God is still on the throne today. He has not taken a vacation. He is not asleep. He hears our prayers. He sees the pain and suffering. He longs for us to come to him and give him our heavy burden. We may not understand today. We may not know the why’s. We can know that God is on His throne and is control and in Him we can put our hope and trust.

Dear God of all hope, May the people who are suffering look to you. May they see your face. May they accept your grace. May they find peace in you. May I be an instrument of your peace. May I pray for those who are hurting. May I love in action. May I never lose hope in You. Amen

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      Thank You, Lord, for bringing Teresa to our family. Thank You for what You are doing and are going to do through her and Noel and Winter and David. Thank You that You are God, and we are not.

      Your servant,


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