In 2 weeks, we will be moving again. In the last year due to training and getting ready for where God is sending us, we have moved 4 times. I am excited but also anxious about this move. The excitement comes from knowing we will be in the place we have been planning to go for so long. Even the kids are excited. The anticipation of a new room, a new school and making new friends is all part of the adventure for them. Of course, when our shipment comes it will feel like Christmas as we are reunited with some of our things we have been missing. It will also be nice to be in a place where we can call the things in it our own and hopefully get to settle a little bit. On the other hand, I am a little anxious. Where will I fit in? Will I remember all the language I have been learning and be able to communicate with the people there? Will I find confidantes that I can laugh and cry with?

All my anxious thoughts make me think of the best move we will ever make. We don’t need to even pack for it. We don’t need to be anxious about it. But our heart does need to be ready. In John, Jesus told his disciple that he was going to prepare a place for them in heaven. Heaven will be a place that we can really call home. We will automatically have our place as God’s child. There will be no fear or tears only joy. And most of all there will be worship for our Lord and Savior. Some days especially when I am restless, I long for heaven and all that it holds. May this longing drive me to do the the work that God has for me here so that when I get there, God will say “Well done. Good and faithful servant.”

Dear God, Thank you for your provision in each move and your guidance and provision in this one. May we cast all of our cares on you for you are the one who goes before us. May I set my heart on heaven where you are and serve you faithfully each day. Amen

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