Quotes (February 2017)

Quotes (February 2017)

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I have always loved quotes.  They are jotted down every where- on the edge of a bulletin, in my notebook, or even typed up on my computer in a file.  Some of them are found in the clippings section of my kindle.  Every once in while, I take a moment to look through these notebooks and clippings.  It gives me a glimpse of what I thought was important and what I was going through. Today since I was done with all my grading and waiting on just one student to finish up, I opened the pages of my notebook to see what jumped out at me from the words that fill the pages.  Here are few of the quotes that I needed to hear again…

From Ann Voscamp in her post, Dear Fears Trying to Break Us All:

“Find your fears, find your idols”.

Isn’t that so true?  When I worry about what people think, my idol is wanting others to accept me and like me.  When I worry about ….  Well you get the idea.

“Fear can be what we feel-but brave is what we do.”

Living overseas there are lots of situations where I feel fear.  I am often living outside of my comfort zone as I navigate this culture.  Brave is stepping outside of my comfort zone despite my fears.  Some days I do a great job.  Other days I want to run and hide. 

From Stacey Thacker in her book, Fresh Out of Amazing (chapter 3): 

“Aslan: ‘You doubt your value.  Don’t run from who you are.'”

“When we see God as big, we lose the desire to merely look at the horizontal.”

Why is it that I often take my focus off of God and give into my insecurities?  Life is abundant when we look to him and not ourselves.  This is a message I need to hear daily.

From Emily Freeman in her book, Simply Tuesday

“Small is the position of my soul, the posture by which I approach others, God, and myself.  When I’m small, I know I can’t control opinions, manipulate outcomes, or force my agenda on others.  When I’m small, I can move into the world confident as the person I most deeply am because I know I don’t move the world alone.” (p.37)

Amen to that…

From Ed Cyzewski in his book: The Contemplative Writer:

“Habits aren’t a guarantee that we’ll find more time to write or that contemplative prayer will be a snap.  Rather, habits are an effective tool at creating space in our lives for what is most important.” (loc 487-488)

Habits are keeping me sane especially in regards to my work as a teacher.  Now if I could just spend less time on Facebook, I might have more time to write and do other things.

From Michele Phoenix in her book, Tangled Ashes

“We never, at any age, outgrow the rules that apply to children.  We need to known, we need to feel loved, and we need to feel safe. ” (loc 2465-2467)

Even though this book was a novel,  this quote points to the whys behind many interactions between people.  It is good for me to remember this as I relate to my students, my family, and my friends.

From Jay and Katherine Wolf in their book, Hope Heals

“Trust Me.  I am working out everything for your good. Don’t doubt this truth just because you are in the dark now.  What’s true in the light is true in the dark.” ( loc 2146-2148)

What a great reminder for all seasons.

From Bonnie Gray in her book, Finding Spiritual Whitespace

“Introverts or extroverts, we were never made to only do life as maintenance.  God designed us to be fully alive: creative, renewed by the sense of adventure, engaged with community, and soul-fed.” (p. 228)

Some seasons it has felt like all I could do is survive.  So glad that God does not leave us in these seasons.  He wants us to thrive and be fully alive.

What are some words or quotes that have spoken to you in this season that you are in?  








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2 thoughts on “Quotes (February 2017)

    • Author gravatar

      "I have learned to kiss the waves that throw me up against the Rock of Ages.". Charles Spurgeon

      I would have to rephrase that to "am learning slowly". I want to learn to view my trials as great opportunities to rest on, depend on, and know my great God in new ways.

      "The main engine that moves you through life is not what you know, but what you love. We are always moving irresistibly (often, even unnoticeably) in the direction of our affections–the deepest inclinations, desires, and loves that hold our hearts captive.". Bryce Young, DesiringGod.org

      I want to focus on my love for God more than my knowledge of Him, yet being aware that I love Him better the more I know of Him.

      Thanks for sharing yours, friend!

    • Author gravatar

      Thanks for sharing these quotes. How important it is to see what is holding our heart captive and hopefully it is Jesus.

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