Quotes: Spring 2017

Sometimes it’s good to take the time reflect onwhat I have been reading that last month or so.  It is so easy to keep reading the next book and taking in more and more information but never letting that information take seed and grow.  So today I thought I would share a few quotes that I found as I looked back on the […]

Quotes (February 2017)

(photo credit goes to my honey) I have always loved quotes.  They are jotted down every where- on the edge of a bulletin, in my notebook, or even typed up on my computer in a file.  Some of them are found in the clippings section of my kindle.  Every once in while, I take a moment to look through these notebooks and clippings. […]

Quotes May 2015

It has been a delightful month except it has stormed a lot causing chaos for my husband’s nicely planned flight schedules.  I have enjoyed running a few mornings in our backyard.  The repetition of running in circles isn’t too boring since the our garden is in full bloom.  Here is just glimpse.    It is a nice season for us […]

Quotes-February 2015

This month I have found just a bit more time to read and reflect.  In fact,  I have started a bible study I found online at Thrive Connection on the book of Revelation.  It has been a nice change to settle on one book and just soak up what God has to teach me through His word.   I am […]

Favorite Quotes and Links as We Finish 2014

Today I am sitting in a hotel room with sick boy.  It has been a restful day, and he seems to be on the mend.  We have read, watched the Hobbit part two, went out to find some lunch and are back to reading some more.  Tomorrow we are hoping to join our other two family members in an eating tour […]

Quotes Fall 2014

As the season changes, the kids and I are enjoying our fall break.  It feels good to just sit for a bit and think about the last few months.  School has kept me busy so I haven’t blogged that much.  Where do I start?  As I go through my journal, I decided to start with words or quotes that have […]

Quotes-Summmer 2014

(from flikr/Chris) This summer I am slowly working on my to-read list for the year with some fun reads mixed in.  I have been challenged and inspired.  It has also been a blessing to have conversations with friends about what I am reading and learning as well as what they are reading and learning.  Here are a few of my favourite quotes from the books and […]

Quotes-Spring 2014

One of my most faithful readers to TJ’s musings is my father-in-law.  The other day I asked him what posts he enjoyed most.  His answer was the quotes.  These posts are my favourites’ too because they help me see my journey through the years and what I am learning from others.  Tomorrow is Papaw’s birthday so in his honour I thought […]

Quotes-January 2014

January has been a month of getting back into a good routine.  DH is finishing up his flight training.  The kids and I are doing school.  It has been a good month to plan for the next year and work on a few projects.  I haven’t read as much as usual but here are a few of my favourite quotes from the month. From Lysa […]

Quotes for November 2013

(from xlibber on flikr) This past month, I have enjoyed reading books from the library but not really the pressure of getting them read by a certain date.  Now I am back reading mostly from my kindle as we travel, and I am trying to read more non-fiction or fiction that has been on my kindle for a long time. […]