Books that Challenged my Comfort Zone (February 2017)

For being a gal who loves traveling and lives overseas, I gravitate to comfortable.  I don’t like messy.  The thing is, I am finding that following Jesus requires stepping out of my comfort zone.  Life with Jesus gets messy.  One thing I love about books is they often give me a nudge in the right direction.  In the comfort of my chair, I am challenged […]

Have You Prayed About It?

Around Christmas time, I was reading a book where the main character’s best friend kept encouraging her to go to Texas to take care of some conflict in the main character’s past.  The main character adamantly refused to go.  Being a good friend, her best friend asked her if she had prayed about it.  The main character refused to pray […]

Quotes (February 2017)

(photo credit goes to my honey) I have always loved quotes.  They are jotted down every where- on the edge of a bulletin, in my notebook, or even typed up on my computer in a file.  Some of them are found in the clippings section of my kindle.  Every once in while, I take a moment to look through these notebooks and clippings. […]

What’s Keeping Me Sane: February 2017

Sane: (adj) Of Sound mind; not mad or mentally ill Reasonable; sensible (Definition of sane according to the Oxford New American Dictionary) This time of year I am usually ready for it to not be cold outside.  This year I am would welcome some cooler weather.  Living in West Africa, we have two seasons- rainy and dry.  Right now we are in […]