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Sheikh Zayed Road From Burj Khalifa, Dubai
(Photo from Travelour Planet)
We are over halfway through our layover here in Dubai.  Big D and I are on our way back to the states.  We left our home this morning at 5:00 and by 6:30 we were sitting by our gate waiting for our plane to board.  For the first time ever, we were first in line at the ticket counter and then first in line at passport control.  After about a three hour flight, we landed in Dubai for a 12 hour layover.  What do you do in twelve hours?  First we walked to the end of the airport where Emirate is based since we heard they had better food and ate a fun lunch.  I had fish and chips while Big D had Haagan Daas ice cream.  The rest of our day has been spent window shopping and playing on our electronic devices and now that I have a faster connection a little bit of blogging.  I thought I would take the time to share my favorite blog reads from the last month or so.  

At More With Less, Courtney talked about Making an Extensive Edit list.  It reminded me of some of the things I learned when I went through the Intentional Woman book.  As a busy Fall approaches, it sounded like a good way to think through how I use my time.  

Mark Buchanen writes a guest post over at A Holy Experience titled What to Do When You May or May Not Be a Control Freak.  His words reinforced all the lessons God has been trying to teach me this summer.  My favorite quote was “Every impulse to seize control — is the Holy Spirit’s invitation to practice self-control.”

Lysa and her new friend Hannah challenged me to count the cost differently in her post She Challenged Me.

As an Expat living overseas, Ms. Jones’ post 20 Things Expats Need to Stop Doing challenged me.  I also liked how she admitted that she was guilty of many of them reminding me not to feel guilty of those things I do but to look at it as a work in progress. 
What blog posts stood out to you this month? I would love to hear what has challenged you.  

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      Been loving the inspiration, and challenge, of your blog these past few posts. Thanks for carrying on with it even in temporary transition, Teresa!
      Miss you 🙂

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