Things Learned in August

Once again I am linking up with Emily at Chatting at the Sky in what I have learned this month.  Up to a 100 or more bloggers link up and share what they have learned.  It has been fun for me to reflect on my month and see what I have learned as well as learn from the other bloggers’ lessons. […]

Putting on My Spirit Shoes

I had jumped to hit the ball over the net many times that day but somehow this time I landed wrong.  We all heard the pop.  My foot was broken.  I wore a boot cast for 6 weeks which seemed more like 12 weeks.  At the end of the 6 weeks, x-rays showed my foot was healing well and I […]

Links-July/August 2013

(Photo from Travelour Planet) We are over halfway through our layover here in Dubai.  Big D and I are on our way back to the states.  We left our home this morning at 5:00 and by 6:30 we were sitting by our gate waiting for our plane to board.  For the first time ever, we were first in line at […]

July/August Quotes 2013

For us, summer is coming to a close.   I have enjoyed a slow summer of hanging out with Big D, reading and piddling around the house.   My husband has enjoyed more thought out meals and I have had time to get caught up with friends.  This last week, we had a three day holiday to celebrate the end […]

Looking Forward and Looking Back 2013

In 3 days, Big D and I head to the states to join my daughter W.  It will be our first visit back in two years.  In many ways, we are excited and in other ways, we are bit apprehensive.   Overall, it is time- time to reconnect with family and friends, time to regroup, time to share, and time […]

Musing about Freedom

(Credit to Brian Hillagas) Today I am dreaming of sleeveless tops and capri pants.  It’s hot and I have on long pants and long sleeves.  When I went shopping this morning, I donned a headscarf and long coat called a chapon so that I would be culturally appropriate.  So you can imagine, I came home sweaty and ready for a […]

7 Things I Learned in July

I  really enjoyed the linkup about the things we learned in June with Emily at Chatting at the Sky this last month   It took me about a week but I finally read all the link ups about what other people had learned.  I would pack some, read some, pack some, read some.  It was a great break from the […]