Washing Dishes

Washing dishes is a daily event around my house. No dishwasher unless you count my daughter and I and occasionally my husband. The best time to do dishes is right after supper. It makes for a good time to chat with my daughter if we do it together. Also the food has not hardened on the dishes and the pans are much easier to clean. Do I always do this? No!! Sometimes I am lazy and let it pile up. Other times I am just too tired. The difference comes in the morning. If I did the dishes the night before it is a great feeling to come into a clean kitchen. If I didn’t do dishes, I am scrambling around trying to find clean spoons or forks for breakfast and moving dirty dishes out of the way so I can work. Not a fun way to begin my day.

Life is sometimes like my pile of dirty dishes. Often times things will happen in relationships that if you take care of them right away are no big deal. It could be something said hurt someone’s feelings. It could be a lack of patience with my children or any number of things. It only takes a few minutes to say you are sorry and to make amends but if a misunderstanding is left misunderstood, it may take a lot of work to repair the damage. Do I clean my plate of relationships right away or let the food harden on them? Considering I have an overactive conscience, I usually try to keep things right. I also know when things are right between me and my family or me and my friends it is even better than a clean kitchen in the morning.

Dear God, Thank you for the chance to have forgiveness. May I always seek forgiveness and right relationships with others and you. Amen