Family Friday- What Works for Us

I love the dynamics of families. I love how families can be so different but can all be doing what God wants them to do. Being parents can be challenging as we take what works for us and put aside what doesn’t. I am always learning new things and taking ideas from others. Sometimes I struggle with guilt thinking we aren’t doing what we are suppose to as a family. Other times I realize no we are okay not doing that. So today I thought I would share some things that work for us right now as a family. I would also love to hear comments on what works for your family.

The first thing that is working for us is lots of communication in family meetings and at mealtimes. Our kids are at 13 and 11 and so usually have lots to say. Sometimes we know what they are going to say but it gives them a chance to express how they feel. Other times we are blind sided by something that we had no idea about. For example, one of our children was really stressed out with school and feeling tired all the time, but we did not know this until he mentioned it during a family meeting. This revelation led to some changes which leads to another thing that works for us. We don’t mind saying “no”. Playdates on school days or even evening social events on school days usually get a no. Sleepovers the night before church usually get a no. My husband is better at saying no than I am. Lastly, my husband has an activity that he does with each child. With our daughter, he plays Nancy Drew mystery games on the computer. With our son, he plays a wii game such as Lego Indiana Jones. Both children are quick to remind him if they have not had their time together. It is also a good incentive for the children to get their homework and other tasks complete each night in order to have some time with dad. Do I feel slighted? Maybe sometimes but I do get to spend the most time with them each day.

So what are some things that your family is doing that work for you?

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