Big D is my son. His real name is not Big D. It is just what his daddy and I call him. Why? I am not sure how it started. Maybe it is because he always wanted to be big. Or maybe it was because he always has big ideas. I like the name because it is my way of saying “You can do big things. You are special and able to handle this. ” At different times, I use this nickname, his real name or have even called him pumpkin. Each situation calls for a different name.

In Isaiah 44, God calls Israel four different names in the first two verses. Israel is called Jacob, my servant, Israel and Jeshurun. All of these names were familar to me but one-Jeshurun. So I looked it up. Jeshurun is a poetic name for Israel and is used only 4 times in the bible. The other 3 are found in Deuteronomy. It is derived from the word for upright, just, straight and has sometimes been translated “the beloved one”. So Israel must have been doing pretty great things to be called Jeshurun, right? Not really. This name comes right after Isaiah has talked about how unfaithful Israel has been. Isn’t that God? He saw Israel how he wanted Israel to be. He wants us to be right and just and straight so much He sent Jesus. In Jesus, Israel can live up to the name of Jeshurun.

God has a name for each of us. We may not live up to that name right now but in Jesus, we can be who God wants us to be-His beloved.

Dear God, Thank you that you love us as we are. Thank you that you don’t leave us that way. Thank you for Jesus and making us into His image. Waiting for my new name. Amen