A Changed Heart- Deut 10

This summer I am having my children go to language lessons twice a week. My DH and I feel it is important for them to learn the local language. One of my children does not feel the same way. He can’t believe that I am making him go to class in the summer. His thought is I can get along just fine in English why do I need to learn another one. He goes to class and does his homework but his heart is not in it. I know he could learn the language quickly with some practice talking to those around us if he wanted to but his heart isn’t in it. We have all had situations like that where we needed to learn something and our heart was not in it. Everything about the learning situation seemed harder to understand and to take twice as long. We didn’t need a new teacher or curriculum. We needed a change of heart.

In Deut. 10:12-13, God spells out for the Israelites what he required of them. First they were to fear God. Secondly they needed to live in a way that is pleasing to God not only that but they are to love God and serve God with all their heart. Lastly, they were to obey His commands and decrees. Notice the phrase with all their heart. What God was asking was a big task but not impossible. It might require a heart transplant though. God knows when I am just going through the motions and when I am obeying from the heart. God knows when I am just trying to get something done and when I am doing it for His glory. The good news is that when my heart needs work I know where to go. I go to the master physician who He alone can change my heart to be more like His son Jesus. Moses bluntly told the Israelites in verse 16, “Change your hearts and stop being stubborn.” I would say that is good advice for those times I want to do it my way and in my time.

Dear God, Thank you for sending your son so that we could have a new heart. Give me a heart that longs to serve you and live in a way that pleases you. Amen