40 days-Deut 9

Forty days that is a month and 10 days or just less than 6 weeks. They say it only takes 21 days to make a habit so by 40 days you should really have it down. Chapter 9 talks about 3 different 40 day time periods. The first is when Moses is up on the mountains for 40 days and nights getting the law from God. It must have been a special time just being in God’s presence for that long and hearing his words for the people. The second is soon afterwards as Moses is pleading for the people who have so quickly turned from God and made the golden calf. Moses prayed that God would spare not only for the Israelites but for his brother Aaron who let the people talk him into making the golden calf. The third 40 days occurred after the people rebelled at Kadesh Barnea and decided they don’t want to go into the Promised Land. Moses interceded for the people for 40 days and nights. He pleaded with God not to destroy them. Two different times Moses interceded for the people for 40 days and nights. He fasted and prayed. He reminded God that Israel is God’s treasured possession even if they do seem to mess up alot. Moses had a heart for his people. This was a people that at first didn’t know whether to trust him. This was a people that really knew how to push Moses’ buttons. But somehow God had given Moses’ such a love for His people. A love that drove Moses to intercede for them.

As I live in a new country with a people I am still trying to understand, I pray that God will give me a heart for this people. A heart that is willing to plead for their salvation for 40 days and nights and longer if needed. A heart that is committed to the mission God has for me here. It is a work that God will have to do me in me. I can not do it on my own.

Dear God, Be with this people. Many here live in darkness. They need you and they need to see your light. They have been blinded for many years. Only you can open their eyes to see you. Amen

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      I will pray with you for those people, that God will "open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and place among those who are sanctified by faith." Acts 26:18
      Love you!

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