A Changed Heart- Deut 10

This summer I am having my children go to language lessons twice a week. My DH and I feel it is important for them to learn the local language. One of my children does not feel the same way. He can’t believe that I am making him go to class in the summer. His thought is I can get along […]

40 days-Deut 9

Forty days that is a month and 10 days or just less than 6 weeks. They say it only takes 21 days to make a habit so by 40 days you should really have it down. Chapter 9 talks about 3 different 40 day time periods. The first is when Moses is up on the mountains for 40 days and […]

July Quotes

These are quotes that have encouraged and challenged me this month. From the blog, “A Wise Woman Builds Her Home“:Women are called to manage their homes; this pleases God and keeps the adversary from speaking reproachfully. Women who make homes keep God’s word form being blasphemed. The way I understand this is that a home well managed is a positive […]

Prosperity and Praise-Deut.8

When I was reading through Deut. 8, I divided it into three sections-Remember, The Dangers of Prosperity, Don’t Forget. Now if someone asked me if I would like to be prosperous, I am sure I would say yes. Who wouldn’t? The Israelites were getting ready to leave the wilderness and enter into the Promised Land where they would be prosperous. […]

Being God’s Chosen: Part 2- Deut 7

I wonder if the Israelites ever had to deal with some pride issues. Being God’s people could be a pretty big thing. A person could even get to thinking it was because of something he did or how great he was that he was chosen. As Moses explains to them about the job ahead of conquering the lands, he reminds […]

When Your Children Ask?-Deut 6

Children love to ask questions and their favorite questions seem to start with “why”? Why is the sky blue? Why do I have to clean my room since it is my room? And the list goes on. Moses in Deut. 6 encourages parents to be prepared for a “why” question. Verse 20-26 says In the future, when your children ask […]

What about that Sabbath thing? -Deut 5

I have always wanted to do a better job at resting on the Sabbath or the day we have off to worship. Some weeks are better than others. As a mom, I often see chores that need to be done or as a teacher, papers that need to be graded. In Deut. 5, the 10 commandments are restated and again […]

Being God’s Chosen-Deut 4

Everyone likes to be chosen whether it is chosen for a kick ball team or chosen for a new job or even chosen by a special some one to be their one and only. In this chapter, Moses is reminding the Israelites of many things including how God chose them. Imagine being chosen by God to be his people. First […]

Sharing Life-Deut 3

In Deut. 3, Moses recalls how the Israelites conquered the east side of the Jordan. He also begins to transfer leadership to Joshua. Three tribes receive their land on the east side with a promise that they will help their brothers conquer the land on the other side of the Jordan. More than once in this chapter, Moses is preparing […]

Get Moving-Deut. 2

Often we talk about how God has us wait on His timing but you don’t hear as much about God saying, “Get moving.” In Deut. 2:13, 14 NLT, God said just that. The Israelites had been in that spot too long and needed to move on. It reminded me of when my DH and I were talking about the next […]