Two Young Adult Trilogies for Your Summer Reading

Some seasons are great for reading.  Other seasons are not.  For me, this season is great for reading.  Being new to a place, I am slowly making friends but have a relatively free schedule until school starts.  Thus, I am reading.  Not sure what to do.  I read. I can’t really work on my house as we are waiting on our shipment.  Then there is the fact that we are probably going to move in August to a different house.  So what do I do?  I read.  

I started out finishing up some non fiction books I had started but then found myself sucked into these two series.  The first series is by Jill Williamson.  In the Fall, I had the privilege of being an advanced reader for her newest fantasy book King’s Folly.  I loved it so decided to try out some of her other books.  

1. The Safe Lands Series by Jill Williamson

This three book dystopia series is told from various points of view but centers on three brothers.  When their beloved town is attacked and many are taken captive into the “safe lands”, they each have choices to make.  There is Omar, the youngest, who is responsible for the attack and just wants to be accepted and loved for who he is.  He is attracted to all that the Safe Lands has to offer but will it be what he really wants?  Will he choose wisely in the end?  Then there is Mason, the middle brother, who wants to be a doctor when all the other guys would prefer hunting and gathering.  He has a choice to fight the system or try to work in the system but still stay true to who Papa Eli taught him to be.  Lastly, Levi is the oldest and destined to be the elder of their village when he grows up.  He is use to getting his way and has a bit of a temper.  Will he be able to think rationally and not react?  His people now depend on him.  His finance is depending on him to rescue her from the harem.  Does he have what it takes to lead and rescue his people from the Safe Lands.

The plot and characters are well developed as you try to figure out what is liberation and are the “safe lands” really safe.  The characters are forced to choose who they can trust and is this a fight worth fight for.   I am hoping my son will read this series this summer.  It has some great discussion topics such as: is life just for pleasure? and What are the dangers of a culture with no morals?

You are also in luck.  Currently each book is 99 cents.  So if you are looking for a cheap but good summer reads these books might be for you.

2.  The Staff and the Sword Series by Patrick Carr

This fantasy series is set in medieval times features a kingdom on the brink of war.  If they don’t find a new king, the barrier that has held back their enemies will be broken.   Into this time, Errol is tasked to deliver a message to a hermit priest that almost gets him killed.  This begins an adventure where Errol has to face his own personal demons plus rise up to the challenges that keep coming his way.  A band of a priest, a reader, a former member of the watch, possible king, and Errol have to figure out what the truth is and who can they trust.   How can this boy Errol who is a drunk be the one who is tasked to help save the kingdom?  Why do the assassins seem to be targeting Errol?  Who will be the next king and will they be able to confirm the king since readers keep ending up dead.  Will they be able to save the kingdom in time or will evil win?   

This series has many redemptive elements which made me pause to think about my faith and what and why I believe what I do.  Along the way, I  also fell in love with the characters as I saw them grow into who God had made them to be.

What have you been reading?  Any suggestions of what I should read next?  Interested in what others are reading?  Check out other book reviews at Modern Ms. Darcy monthly link up.
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