The Need to Connect

(photo credit: TJ) “Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor.  For if they fall, one will lift up his companion.. Ecc 4:9,10a) When we first moved to West Africa, I thought, “I can do this. I can make friends.  I feel confident in who I am and what God is doing in me.” Our first […]

As We Go Into Year 25…

(photo credit goes to my Prince Charming) This week my prince charming and I are entering year 25 of our marriage.  I always tell people that being married to my husband is an adventure.  Not that it is always easy and fun but it is an adventure.  This year we celebrated by going for Sunday lunch at a resort near […]

Two Young Adult Trilogies for Your Summer Reading

Some seasons are great for reading.  Other seasons are not.  For me, this season is great for reading.  Being new to a place, I am slowly making friends but have a relatively free schedule until school starts.  Thus, I am reading.  Not sure what to do.  I read. I can’t really work on my house as we are waiting on our […]

Making it a WE Not THEM Prayer

My heart is heavy as I read the news about the shooting in Orlando and the division of my nation over who should be the next president.  We often feel helpless. What can we do?  Will things ever get better?   But Daniel reminds us that we aren’t helpless, we can pray. Currently the ladies on my team are going through Beth Moore’s Daniel study […]

Sharing Our Stories

(Picture Credit goes to my dear husband) We all love a good story. People flock to the movies or watch TV.  Others read books, blogs, and the news.  They do this for different reasons, but each contains a story or part of story. Sometimes the stories provide entertainment.  Other times stories help us connect with the story teller or understand […]