An NCIS Musing

We started watching NCIS when we were taking language classes.  After three hours of speaking in another language, we would rest and relax and watch an NCIS episode that had been given to us from a friend.   If it was a particularly long day, we would sometimes watch two.  For a few minutes, we escaped the reality to see what was happening in the NCIS world.  Now two years later, we are no longer in language training but are still keeping up with Denozo, Ziva, McGee and Gibbs just not on a daily basis.  Why?  It brings back fun memories from our time doing language learning.  The kids can usually watch it with us even though there was one season we had to skip.  But I think what we like the most is the team aspect of the show.  Denozo, Ziva, McGee and Gibbs are a team.  They watch out for each other.  They even risk their lives for each other.  None of them is perfect but they all seem to accept the other team members quirks and all.   For us, it is not the plot of each show but the interaction of the characters in each show that we enjoy.   

One of my favorite things about living here in Central Asia is our team.  I love our team and especially that it is made up of people from different backgrounds and countries.  I love how God has called us all to this place with our unique abilities and quirks and somehow is using us to do the job he has called us to do.  Being far away from family, they are our family here in this place.  We shop for each other, take care of each others kids, and cry together when we are hurting.  We pray together, train together and plan together.  We cause each other to think about life differently.  We challenge each other to stick with it and stay on task.  We are not perfect but we are a team.  We have our squabbles but we make up.  We have our differences of opinions but come together on what really matters.  Most of all we have a God who has put us together in this place to grow and use us.  I am thankful to be a part of it all. 
Dear God, Thank you for the church and how you put us together with others to grow us and use us.  Thank you for the team our family is in.  Help us to love and care for the members of our team.  May we learn from them and they from us.  Most of all, may your kingdom be reflected in our interactions.  Amen

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