Quotes- March 2012

(my photo) As this month comes to a close, our family is excited about getting to have holiday away.   We leave tomorrow morning early.  So before life gets busy as vacations sometimes do, I thought I would jot down the words that have challenged me this month. On worry from the Christian Atheist:When You Believe in God but Live […]

Lessons from my Kitchen Faucet

(from Dottie Mae, Flikr) Over the last few weeks, I have noticed that my kitchen faucet didn’t have very good water pressure even when the pressure pump was on.  Water was barely coming out.  At first I thought it was due to the cold weather but as the weather has become warmer, the faucet still wasn’t putting out more water. […]

When Opposition Comes-Nehemiah 4 and 5

(from Storm Riders Blog) In these chapters of Nehemiah, opposition came to the rebuilding of the wall.  At first the opposition came in the form of threats then became serious enough for half of the workers to stand guard while the others worked.  Each worker had a weapon at their side ready to use if the trumpet was sounded.  Then […]

It Takes Teamwork-Nehemiah 2 and 3

(from flikr-Zeevveez) In chapter 2, Nehemiah makes it to Jerusalem and rests for three days.  Then he proceeds at night to assess the situation and form a plan.   It is at this point that he shares his plan of rebuilding the wall with others. In chapter 3,  the people are busy rebuilding the wall.  Some build next to their […]

Favorite Links-March 2012

Happy New Year!!  Here in Central Asia we are celebrating their New Year.  It makes sense that it signals the beginning of spring.  At least we hope it is signaling the beginning of spring.  As we go through the season of Lent, the kids and I are plugging away at learning Colossians 2.  These verses seems to capture the meaning […]

Have You Stopped Praying?

(From Guppydas on Flikr) I don’t mean have you stopped praying all together but have you stopped praying for certain situations and people.   I live and work in a place where it seems like there is a mini or major crisis once a week.  Since these crisises always seem to work out okay I pretty much live life as […]

We Must First Be a Person of Prayer-Nehemiah 1&2

(from  JemaSmith on Flikr When Nehemiah heard from his brother and the others with him of the condition of the exiles and the city of Jerusalem, it greatly affected him.  He wept.  He mourned.  He fasted and prayed.   It would have been easy for Nehemiah to just brush off the news.  He had a good job in Susa and […]

An NCIS Musing

We started watching NCIS when we were taking language classes.  After three hours of speaking in another language, we would rest and relax and watch an NCIS episode that had been given to us from a friend.   If it was a particularly long day, we would sometimes watch two.  For a few minutes, we escaped the reality to see […]

Thinking Clearly

On Saturday I woke up and for once my brain felt clear.   For two weeks our family has been battling sickness.  A side effect of this has been headaches due to being sick or a foggy brain due to the medication.   I  found that I had enough brain power for the basics of my job and keeping our […]