It Takes Teamwork-Nehemiah 2 and 3

It Takes Teamwork-Nehemiah 2 and 3

In chapter 2, Nehemiah makes it to Jerusalem and rests for three days.  Then he proceeds at night to assess the situation and form a plan.   It is at this point that he shares his plan of rebuilding the wall with others. In chapter 3,  the people are busy rebuilding the wall.  Some build next to their house.  Others build far from their house.  Some go the extra mile building more than their share while others just barely enough.  Not everyone was a trained wall builder but they did the job that needed to be done.  Since I grew up in a family of just daughters, I especially like the part where the daughters pitched in and helped their dad work on their section of the wall.   Most importantly it took teamwork to build the wall.  One person did not do it by him or herself.  

Each of us has a wall that God wants us to build.  We are called to build families, relationships and most of all God’s kingdom.  As I work at building into the lives of my children and students along with those around me, I want to remember building takes time, energy and hard work.  Some days as I raise my children and teach my students, it can seem easier to take short cuts and maybe just want to quit.  It takes work and endurance.  
Here are some principles from a podcast on Nehemiah 3 by Pete Briscoe.
When we are building 
1. We might serve out of our training.
2. We might serve out of our experience.
3. We might serve more that others.
4. We might serve around our home.
5. We might expend enormous energy for the good of the body.
6. We might serve even when it doesn’t benefit us.
Great reminders for any work.
Dear God, Thank you for your work that is going on all around the world.  Help me to keep building at the wall you have given me.  May I be faithful and diligent to the task even when I am tired and discouraged.  Amen

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