Why I Am Glad We Homeschooled This Year

Let me first of all tell you what this post is not.  It is not intended to persuade you to homeschool or make you feel bad if you don’t.  Nor is it a post about homeschooling being the best option.  This post is a story of our family’s journey this year, and why I am glad we chose this route. […]

Teacher Tuesday

We are almost done with school. In some ways I am not ready. In others, I absolutely am. I am wondering what my kids will do with their extra free time. So the past week or so, we have did some on site conflict resolution training. I am hoping some of it will stick. I am praying that some of […]

Teacher Tuesday

Here are some little things that will help your student as they get older in their math class. Some are obvious. Others may not be. I am looking at this from a high school teachers perspective of what skills students need to already have. 1. Always have students show their work or explain how they got their answer verbally. 2. […]

Teacher Tuesday

Okay I know it is summer but I have been thinking through what I want to do in the Fall. With the help of my dear sister I think I have it figured out. I am amazed at the many good options out there to use in homeschooling. It is actually overwhelming. I am going to use my sister’s curriculum […]

Teacher Tuesday

Today I resigned my teaching job. We are ready to start a new season with Mission Aviation Fellowship and at least for this year I will be back to homeschooling my kids. Being a public school teacher in an urban district is one of the hardest jobs I have ever done. It is challenging, frustrating and yet in many ways […]

Teacher Tuesday

Well, I am trying something new. It is called Teacher Tuesday. I am going to try every Tuesday to post some type of teacher tip or story. These posts will come from my experiences as a mom who has homeschooled and is now back teaching high schoolers. So here is my first one. One of the biggest things I have […]

Waiting versus Whacking

I am doing the bible study by Beth Moore called Living Beyond Yourself. In the lecture on patience Beth says that “Patience waits when it wants to whack.” Has she been peeking in my classroom? I thought I was a patient person until I began my first year of teaching. Now I am in my 8th year of teaching and […]

Twelve men spies in Canaan Land

Do you remember the song? Twelve men spies in canaan land. Ten were bad and two were good and what they say in canaan land. Ten were bad and two were good. Some saw Giants big and strong. Some saw Grapes in clusters long. Some saw God was in it all. 10 were bad and 2 were good. Okay I […]

I pulled a Jonah this week

When I say I pulled a Jonah, I didn’t actually catch a boat and go the other direction. Instead I knew that God wanted me to pray for one of my students while I was just hoping He would take the student out of my class. Sort of like Jonah preached to Ninevah to repent but was angry when they […]