Seeing and Stereotypes

Awhile back our family was sitting around after supper talking with a friend and the subject of homeschooling came up.  Our friend told of us her experience with homeschoolers where she lived and how she would never homeschool.  It didn’t help that one homeschool family had told her that getting her bachelor’s degree was a waste of time since she […]

Seeing Hope

On a cool May evening, we all gathered on a basketball court that had been transformed into a secret garden.  The pastel cloth draped over the barbed wire.  This is hope.  Hope that beauty can be still be seen in this land.  We sat for two hours watching the girls express them through dance.  It made me think about hope […]

Seeing and Our Long Winter

This week I have been home and sick so have had lots of time to think.  At the beginning of the week, I was feeling tired not only physically but emotionally from the cold and its challenges.  I did not want to despair but found myself crying for what Big D said was two minutes after calling in sick to […]

Seeing and Lunch Duty

Even though I am a high school teacher, I have lunch duty for 1st and 2nd graders with another staff member.  Overall I enjoy the time in the middle of the day to be outside and interact with these precious ones.  As you can see, we are now inside.  The weather has been terribly cold and we have had lots […]

Seeing and the Snow

One thing I am working on this year is trying to see people, issues and things from other points of view.   So many times I see things through the lenses I have of the world and fail to see how things really are or how God might see the situation.  So I thought I would attempt to do a […]