Transition and Threadbare Prayers

 We moved back to the states in July to a US in transition. Life in the season of COVID-19 is much different for everyone not just those of us moving back to our home country or to a new location. How we go about our daily lives is different. In some ways, we are more distant and in other ways, we are […]

Prayer Sticks

At breakfast each morning, the kids and I spend sometime working on memorizing Colossians.  It is taking longer than originally planned but this week we will finally finish chapter 3.   As the school year started, I wanted us to do a better job in praying for others.  In the past, we have tried notecards and  keeping a prayer journal. […]

Have You Stopped Praying?

(From Guppydas on Flikr) I don’t mean have you stopped praying all together but have you stopped praying for certain situations and people.   I live and work in a place where it seems like there is a mini or major crisis once a week.  Since these crisises always seem to work out okay I pretty much live life as […]

We Must First Be a Person of Prayer-Nehemiah 1&2

(from  JemaSmith on Flikr When Nehemiah heard from his brother and the others with him of the condition of the exiles and the city of Jerusalem, it greatly affected him.  He wept.  He mourned.  He fasted and prayed.   It would have been easy for Nehemiah to just brush off the news.  He had a good job in Susa and […]

Knowing Where You Stand

In the last few years,  I have been in new situations where I wasn’t quite sure where I stood.  Our family moved to Central Asia and joined a new team and then a few months later I started working at a new school.   As you meet and get acquainted with your fellow workers,  you try to be yourself and […]

The View

Life looks very different depending on how we view it and where our point of view comes from.  Take Peter for example.  In Matthew 16, in one section he declares Jesus is the Son of God and in the next he tries to convince Jesus that he really is not going to die.   In the first interchange, Jesus tells […]

Prayer and Paul Tripp link

This summer I wanted to buy one of Paul Tripp’s books on raising teenagers but it wasn’t on the kindle and I had no room left in my suitcase for another thing.  So I found his blog which has been a fun find.  This month Paul Tripp had three different blogs on prayer that reminded me that I am not […]

Confession is Good for the Soul

This summer I have been memorizing Psalm 51 and verse 6 especially stood out to me.  It says,”Surely you desire truth in the inner parts, you teach me wisdom in the inmost place.” (NIV)  The whole psalm is David’s confession of his adultery and murder of Uriah.  David knew he needed to go deeper inside.  He couldn’t just confess the […]

Never Underestimate the Power of Prayer

As school ends today, I have been thinking of something that happened about 2 weeks ago.  My Algebra class is a talkative bunch and has trouble staying on task.  We had already had many lunch detentions that week.  This day the class was entirely out of control ending with two students sitting in the office so I didn’t have to hear them talk […]

Not Your Typical American Girl Party

My daughter went to an American Girl party this weekend. Two things stood out about this party. One, we live in a Central Asian country and secondly, this party had a special message for the girls. W. came home talking of a fun lunch, hair braiding and manicures. Later though she started a talking about how the hostess uses markers […]