Life is not a Checklist

I repeat life is not a checklist, but we often would like it to be.  Sermons are given in 3 or 4 points that we can check off.   Magazines give us checklists of  do’s and don’ts.  I have even given my children checklists to help them remember their daily task but even then they sometimes have trouble following the […]

Calling for Reinforcements

My son had been fighting a cough for a week. We were on our way home from church where he had experienced several bouts of coughing. He seemed to be getting worse not better and we were scheduled to leave in about a week to go out of town. I decided to call my mom who seems to have a […]

Did you say “I’m bored?”

These words spoken together at my house will get you extra chores. I happened to hear them one too many times during our first week out of school and knew this would be a long summer if I didn’t put a stop to it. Now I am not saying that my children can’t ask me for ideas on what to […]

Twelve men spies in Canaan Land

Do you remember the song? Twelve men spies in canaan land. Ten were bad and two were good and what they say in canaan land. Ten were bad and two were good. Some saw Giants big and strong. Some saw Grapes in clusters long. Some saw God was in it all. 10 were bad and 2 were good. Okay I […]

God’s Basic Training

Just as God has each of us in basic training through the different experiences he sends our way, I would say that He has our children in basic training too. For one thing, they have to put up with us. Okay really, our children encounter situations everyday where they have the opportunity to make the wise choice or not. We […]

I can’t control my children

Okay, I know I can’t control my children, but do you think God ever says that about us. Can you imagine him saying to one of his angels, “I have reminded Teresa not to do that. Why can’t she ever learn? ” Whether those words were spoken or not, I do know that my Heavenly Father loves me and is […]

Are we having fun yet?

It was one of those weeks where I felt more like a drill sergeant then a mom. I had just delivered my last round of instructions and was in the process of seeing them ignored. I was frustrated and I think they were too. I could find where my children had been by the trail they had left. In the […]

What James 1 says about Parenting

In our church home team, we have been studying James 1 and I have noticed many ways these verses can be applied to my role as mother. To begin with, James 1:4 says “Let your patience show itself perfectly in what you do…” I don’t know about you but I find my patience tested often. Children will sometimes not obey. […]

The Gift of Parenting

A month or so ago, I read a book called Home Education by Charlotte Mason. I found the book to be interesting and it made me think about how I go about training my children in good habits and planting seeds (new ideas) in their learning. Mostly though, the book reminded me of what a great gift and responsibility God […]

Somebody’s listening

One of my New Year’s resolutions a year ago was the verse James 1:19. In the New Century version it says ” My dear brothers and sisters, always be willing to listen and slow to speak. Do not become angry easily.” I must say I am still working on it and some days are better then others. This verse came […]