Is Anything Getting in the Way of Your Call?

Tonight we had a good bye party for my principal who is leaving this week.  As my fellow teachers crowded into our living room, we laughed, cried, remembered, and deep down some of us are still thinking why.  Before we prayed for  her and her husband, my principal offered us some wisdom and encouragement.  One thing she said stuck with […]

Tears Tonight

I was hit by a bombshell tonight.   Even though I live in a land where bombshells are more real, I am talking about the emotional kind.  I found out that a good friend will be leaving earlier than expected and not necessarily like she planned.  As she told of her plans, my eyes filled with tears for me and […]

The Mountain in Front of Me

I sat out on the balcony of the lodge where we were staying looking at the mountain in front of me.  My thoughts drifted back to last summer when Big D, my dear husband and a friend tried to scale the mountain but due to supper calling only made it about 3/4 of the way.  Then I smiled as I […]


In 2 weeks, we will be moving again. In the last year due to training and getting ready for where God is sending us, we have moved 4 times. I am excited but also anxious about this move. The excitement comes from knowing we will be in the place we have been planning to go for so long. Even the […]

Washing Machines and Other Things

Last week was a hard one for me. The week began with my Big D waking up with a sore throat and not being able to go to school. As the week progressed I wasn’t feeling too great myself and then things began to break down. First it was our washing machine and then our toaster oven that we do […]

What my daughter says about our journey

This was the poem that W put in our Christmas card this year. With mountains of snow We are on the go To tell about Jesus They really really need us. I wear a cloth around my head Because of culture Mom said. We will do it Because God said to do it. Dear God, Guide our journey. As we […]