Unlimited Flexibility

A few weeks ago we were asked to speak at a luncheon where  the people attending were interested in moving overseas or were strong supporters of those who had.  The topic was what is life really like for us.  They wanted to know the nitty gritty.  What was hard.  What was not.  During the course of our conversation, my DH […]

Looking Forward and Looking Back 2013

In 3 days, Big D and I head to the states to join my daughter W.  It will be our first visit back in two years.  In many ways, we are excited and in other ways, we are bit apprehensive.   Overall, it is time- time to reconnect with family and friends, time to regroup, time to share, and time […]

Musing about Freedom

(Credit to Brian Hillagas) Today I am dreaming of sleeveless tops and capri pants.  It’s hot and I have on long pants and long sleeves.  When I went shopping this morning, I donned a headscarf and long coat called a chapon so that I would be culturally appropriate.  So you can imagine, I came home sweaty and ready for a […]

Here in This Place I Learned to Dance

We are near the end of our fourth year overseas.  I would say it has been the hardest and most stretching four years of my life but also the most rewarding.  On one side, you see the beggars and the run down buildings and your heart aches.  On other side, you see educated young people thriving at their job and […]

Giants in my Land

I have three giants that are in my land. 1. Finishing the last three weeks of school. 2. My house helper hasn’t been showing up for work. which brings me to number three. It all started on Friday, our day off.  All of us except for my dear husband were participating in a volleyball tournament, each on different teams.  W […]

Someone Else’s Hard

Yesterday I was helping a friend make sure another friend’s house was ready for renters to move in at the end of the month.  Mostly we were assessing the situation and what needed to be done especially since it was raining outside and we were missing a key that we needed.  As we waited for our ride to pick us […]

One Rung At a Time

(My mom going over the wall.  Pic by me) This summer, my next door neighbor and I decided we would exercise together 2 or 3 times a week.  Morning was the best time to workout for us since it was still cool outside.  Since her kids are little and might be a bit frightened if she was not there when […]

Not Getting Side Tracked From Your Call

Last Tuesday, I turned in my contract committing to another year at the international school where I teach.  Last Wednesday morning, I woke up and read an email that informed me that 7 people more people were leaving and would not be coming back in the Fall.  Tears flowed from my eyes as I tried to take it all in. […]

Blooming in Hard Places

I thought I would share with you a picture from my backyard.  Aren’t they amazing?  I can’t take any credit for them looking so beautiful.  If I lived in the states, I would probably have to do all sorts of things to help them bloom-special soil, covering them in the winter, the right pruning, etc.  I did not do any […]