Staying the Course

This year has had its ups and downs.  I’ve seen changes, evacuations, deaths, and many good-byes.  In the craziness of it all, I have seen God’s faithfulness and understand in a new way what it means to trust in God with all of my heart. There have been many times this fall, my emotions have threated to derail me from my calling […]

Switchbacks and Life

Our family is currently in Greece taking a break from Central Asia and having some concentrated time as a family.  Yesterday our family took a hike up to an observation point on top of the hill. It was refreshing to be out walking, breathing fresh air, and just feeling free on the outside not just the inside.  The trail had a lot […]

Seeking Jesus Not the Magic of Christmas

I must confess.  This time of year I am often guilty of seeking the magic of Christmas.  I love Christmas-the music, the decorations, the get togethers, giving gifts, and even the sappy Christmas movies that make you both laugh and cry and everyone lives happily ever after.   Even here in Central Asia, I have a tree and a few […]

My Long Brown Coat

Some days I hate it.  My long brown coat, I hate it.  Why should I have to put on another layer?  I am tired of getting home from school all hot and sweaty because of my coat.  Why is my freedom infringed?  Other days I love my coat.  It give me a certain anonymity, unless of course, you look at […]

Revisiting My Calling

A few years ago, my school went through major changes in staff.    The leadership changed.  Good friends left.  New people came in.  I found myself asking, “Should I stay or go?”   During that time, I wrote these two posts: Is Anything Getting in the Way of Your Call? and Not Getting Side Tracked From Your Call Today I […]

God’s Reminder to Trust

This week we head back to Central Asia.   Even though we are excited to head back to a place we consider home, we realise things will be different.  We are entering a different season.  Our team is changing with a few dear friends moving to another country of service in the fall.  Our school has a new director and […]

Fear Factor Four Years Later

This morning I was looking to see what posts of mine had been read in the last week.  Fear Factor from a little over four years ago was one of them.  In fact, according to my stats, someone googled ” tj fear factor.”  Curious I went back and read the post.  The post needed some serious editing, but the content […]

March 2014 Lessons: Central Asia Edition

This month has flown by quickly.  We are settling into sort of a routine and enjoying the first signs of Spring.   Since we have been back just over a month, all my lessons have to do with our life here in Central Asia. Once again, I am linking up with Emily at Chatting at the Sky for lessons learned […]

A Good-Bye Musing

(Credit: Good-byes seem to be everywhere these days whether it’s people moving or dying or in our case going back to Central Asia.    Being in the midst of another round of good-byes has me thinking a lot about them.  Here are some of my thoughts. 1.  Good-byes are hard.  I never know what to say.  It never seems natural […]