March 2014 Lessons: Central Asia Edition

This month has flown by quickly.  We are settling into sort of a routine and enjoying the first signs of Spring.   Since we have been back just over a month, all my lessons have to do with our life here in Central Asia. Once again, I am linking up with Emily at Chatting at the Sky for lessons learned […]

Things Learned in February 2014 Edition

The mornings and nights are cold but the days are sunny.  Our bodies are no longer jet lagged, and we are settling back into a routine here in Central Asia.  It is good to be home.  This morning my husband has left for work, the call to prayer has sounded, and it is just me here with my computer and […]

5 Things I Learned in January (2014)

This month has been full of ups and downs whether it is temperature changes, keeping up with school, or plans changing.  In two weeks, we head back to Central Asia.  We are ready.   Just a few more checks to go, and we are on our way. 1. Good good-byes are important.  The first weekend of January, my Prince Charming […]

7 Things Learned in December

We were on the road for the last  half of November and then all of December.  Our journey took us from Texas to Missouri to Illinois then to Florida.  After Thanksgiving, we traveled to Tennessee, Virginia, Washington DC, Indiana, and ended in Iowa for Christmas.  Now we are safely back in Texas.  Once again I am linking up with Emily […]

8 Things I Learned in November

November was full of leaves changing colour, long walks listening to my audio book, my husband passing his instructor pilot’s test, and reconnecting with family and college friends.  We have been on the road for over a week and will continue our travels until the end of December.  So far we have been in Missouri, Illinois and now Florida.   […]

10 Lessons Learned in October

We really enjoyed October with its cooler weather, pumpkin bagels, apple cider and changing leaves. Our lives have been full of school, friends and enjoying the city of Fort Worth.   In the midst of it all, I was even able to learn a few things.  So here they are. 1. I can live with less clothes.  Even though we […]

Things I Learned in September

If I had to use one word to describe the month of September, it would be transition.  We have been on the road a lot, gone through a week of debriefing at HQ and have slept in at least eight different beds.  Currently, we are settling into a house provided by one of our supporting churches here in Texas.  It […]

Things Learned in August

Once again I am linking up with Emily at Chatting at the Sky in what I have learned this month.  Up to a 100 or more bloggers link up and share what they have learned.  It has been fun for me to reflect on my month and see what I have learned as well as learn from the other bloggers’ lessons. […]

7 Things I Learned in July

I  really enjoyed the linkup about the things we learned in June with Emily at Chatting at the Sky this last month   It took me about a week but I finally read all the link ups about what other people had learned.  I would pack some, read some, pack some, read some.  It was a great break from the […]

7 + Lessons I Learned in June

Today I am linking up with Chatting At the Sky as she does her lessons learned in June.  Each month she writes a blog about what she has learned that month.  This month she invited others to join in.   I thought it would be fun to link up.  I like lists and many of my posts have to do […]