What I Learned in June (2015 Edition)

Two years ago I did my very first link up ever with Emily at Chatting at the Sky on things we had learned that month.  I was recovering from a broken foot and the other links were fun entertainment as I recovered.   Even though I don’t know any of the other bloggers join in the linkup in person,  I […]

What I Learned in May 2015 Edition

This month has been full of finishing school, family conference, and enjoying the spring weather before it gets too warm.  Iced coffee and cherry limeades are more frequent as well as games of bocce ball out on the lawn or friendly chats on the outside swing.   Here are a few things I learned this month. 1. Graduation is important. […]

What I Learned in March (2015 edition)

Our month started with snow and is ending with flowers blooming on the trees and beautiful sunny days.   We are slowly counting off our school days trying to catch up on days since our first semester was short.  Our days have a certain rhythm to them-Sat/Mon/Wed: school with all four of my students, Sun/Tues: Work days but also time […]

What I Learned in February (2015 edition)

Isn’t there something beautiful about fresh, fallen snow?  Maybe it is how clean everything looks, or how it transforms this dusty city into something much better to look at.  I should have been disappointed with the snow since I was really enjoying our warmer, spring-like days, but I wasn’t.  I was just too happy that my husband finally made it home before it all started, […]

What I Learned in January 2015

How can a month that started so quietly end up being so hard and long?  I guess that is the adventure of life.  So without further ado, here is what I learned this month.   1. Our International School would not be reopening for second semester. Due to security concerns against western-educated schools, our school decided to close.  It was a hard decision for our […]

What I Learned in September 2014

This month has been like a roller coaster for me.  Our family has been busy with school, good byes, and just doing life here.   My emotions have been all over the place.  Our flexibility has been tested, but in all the craziness, God’s grace was sufficient.  September was full of lessons that I am still working on.  Here are […]

What I Learned in August 2014

This month has been long and tiring, but it is so good to be home here in Central Asia.  We are settled back into our home but still getting use to the routine of going to school everyday.  It has been a lot of hard work getting back into the swing of things, but we have also had some fun.  See above, my DH is making […]

Things Learned in July (2014 Edition)

Our time here in the states is quickly coming to a close.  If all goes well, this time next week we will be back in Central Asia settling back into our home there.  This summer has had its ups and downs but also many lessons.  Here are a few lessons from this month.  Some are serious and others not so […]

8 Things Learned in June

As June draws to an end,  I am yet again in a new location.  The transitions have their ups and downs and for the most part are never dull.  June has been our month to relax and rest from a busy year.  May was filled with traveling back to America, settling back in, and finishing up school with W and […]

6 Things Learned in April

Today was the last day of school at the International School where I teach.  Even though I was only helping out with two classes, it seems strange to be finished.  W and Big D still have a few weeks left before we finish our homeschooling for the year.  In some subjects, we can see the end, and in other subjects, […]