Lessons Learned in April (2016 edition)

This month has worn me out.  We have traveled from Tennessee to North Carolina to Iowa to South Dakota to Idaho then back to Iowa.  Next came Texas, Missouri, and Tennessee and now we are in Illinois for the weekend seeing my sister.  It has been a month of transitioning and getting ready for our next adventure.  We have enjoyed time with friends and family.  Slowly […]

What I Learned In March (2016 Edition)

We have been in the states one full month.  It has been quite the adventure as we have been figuring out what is next for us and visiting family.  During the second week in March, our family gathered in Iowa for W and Big D’s spring breaks.  It was a week full of scrabble, ping pong, long walks, tennis, and […]

Lessons Learned In February (2016 edition)

This month has been full of packing, handing over responsibilities, saying goodbyes and leaving Central Asia.  Currently we are in the UK where we have enjoyed a few days of R and R, and I have attended an International Baccalaureate workshop.  Today we leave to head for the states with a 24 hour stop over in Iceland.  Once again I am joining […]

Lessons Learned in January 2016

As January was ending, it seemed the temperatures here started dropping. Thankfully with the sun out, our days are usually pleasant making the cold, cold nights a time to snuggle close to the warm fire.  We had snow this last weekend enough for some on our team to try out some inter tubing down some hills.   I just love […]

Lessons Learned in 2015

The year started with the school where I taught closing due to security.  The year is ending with the possibility of our flight program here ending.  This year has been bittersweet.  We seen loss and lots of change yet we have seen joy and deeper friendships and relationships.   We have seen God work in the midst of the waiting and the hard   More about that […]

What I learned in November (2015 Edition)

As I sit here in my classroom of three months, I feel this is my place yet still feel strangely like it could change any minute.  Our future here still has so many if’s.  Frankly I am tired of the if’s but grateful that my future is not totally unknown.  I know the ending, and it is good.   It is the end […]

8 Lessons Learned in October (2015 Edition)

As I write this, the days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting a bit cooler.  We have lit our heaters a few times but overall are trying to hold off until it gets really cold.  The mountains already have snow but in the valley the trees are still hanging on to their yellow leaves.  I love Fall and hope it hangs on just […]

10 Things I Learned In September (2015 Edition)

Last month I was writing about my monthly lessons from Germany.  This month I am writing it from my new home in a different city in Central Asia.  Don’t you love the view from my roof?  We even have snow on some of the mountains, but thankfully our days are still sunny and warm but not too warm.   Once […]

5 Things I Learned in August (2015 Edition)

This month began with our family coming back together after a month apart and is ending with us dropping off our son at boarding school.  It has been a good but hard month.  We have laughed.  We have cried.  My feet have been in Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, Iceland, Switzerland, and now Germany.  Before I prematurely divulge my lessons for this month, I should […]

What I Learned in July (2015 edition)

Big D and I are almost done with our road trip and will meet up with our other two family members next week.  It has been a great trip but it will be delightful for our whole family to be reunited once again. Our trip has been full of adventures, rest, and a few lessons here and there.  It is that time of the month where I […]