Fall Lessons 2017

As many of you are heading into the Winter season, in West Africa, we are starting our Dry season.  No matter where you live or what season you are in, it is always good to take time to look back once in a while to see what you learning.  So today I am taking a moment or two to reflect on what I […]

September Lessons and Favorite Things (2017)

Most Saturdays, you will find my honey and I seated at the Royal Hotel either enjoying breakfast or a cup of coffee with a donut.  Afterwards we head back home hitting two maybe three grocery stores on the way depending on what is on our grocery list.  This routine beats the Saturday traffic and gives me a chance to be […]

Lessons Learned (Spring 2017 Edition)

For much of the world, spring is turning into summer.  For West Africa, rainy season is here with its downpours, thunder, and lightning.  So whatever the season, the last few months have been full of lessons about cooking, clothing, and living life.  So here are my lessons learned as I link up with Emily at Chatting at the Sky as she shares what […]

What I Learned in November (2016 edition)

Today is a holiday here in West Africa.  It is a refreshing break to the rhythm of my days to have a day to catch up, read, and now blog.  Who knows?  Maybe we will head out to the beach later when my honey gets home.  It has been a while since I have taken the time to reflect and think about life and what […]

What I Learned in September (2016 Edition)

This morning, I sit in my cozy, new chair listening to the rain crashing down on our roof.   I am thankful that the rain waited until after my morning walk especially since it is now thundering and lightning.  September has been a nonstop month for me, and it feels so good to just sit down.  I went from having too much […]

What I Learned In August (2016 Edition)

This month began with me starting school and ended with Big D leaving on a plane so he could start school.  It has been a full month getting into a good rhythm at school and spending time with Big D before he left.  As I look back on the month, here are my lessons for August. 1.  I Need My Evening Walks With My Honey Most evenings […]

Lessons Learned in July (2016 edition)

July has gone by fast.  It has been a good month full of walks along the beach, playing Bananagrams with Big D, and getting my classroom ready for school to start.   Each day West Africa is feeling more and more like home.  It helps that our shipment came at the beginning of the month so I have my cozy blankets […]

What I Learned in June (2016 edition)

I really needed this slow month.  Truthfully I probably read too many books this month.  On the other hand, I didn’t really have a lot that I had to do besides getting to know people on our new team. It has been a blessing to have time to rest and regroup.  I don’t think I realized how exhausted I was […]

Lessons Learned in May (2016 Edition)

This monthly edition comes to you from West Africa where my husband and I now live. Each month I take time to look back on my month to see what I have learned whether it be serious, fun, or trivial.  I then join up with other bloggers at Chatting at the Sky in what they have learned this month. May began with orientation […]