Transition Lessons: Fall 2020

There’s a book on my to-read list called Life is in the Transitions.  I figure the author might have some good advice as I seem to be always in transition.  Do you ever feel the same way?  Life is changing whether we like it or not.  It might be our choice.  We change jobs or move to a new location.  Or […]

Lessons Learned in June (2020 Edition)

I feel like April and May flew by, and then in June, time slowed down.  I enjoyed the slower days. When my husband was home, we spent a lot of time dreaming and thinking about what’s next for us.  Many mornings began with dodging rain drops on my run. I watched too many Hallmark movies and drank a lot of […]

March Lessons (COVID19 Edition)

As March comes to an end, I decided to sit down and process what I am learning in this season where life is no longer normal. I am a learner by nature, but often rush from one thing to the next never taking the time to reflect and appreciate what God has taught me.  Each season has lessons to be learned-some seasons […]

Things Learned This Dry Season (2020 Edition)

In West Africa, we only have two seasons-rainy and dry.  No winter-not even close.  Currently, we have two more months of dry season, but I miss out linking up with those writing about what they learned this winter over at Emily P. Freeman.  For me, it is taking time to see how God has been working, how life has been changing, and hopefully how I […]

6 Lessons Learned (Summer 2019 Edition)

My summer months were full of reading good books, drinking lots of iced coffee, connecting with friends-old and new, and feeding interns.  I loved the slower mornings and not having to rush to get off to school.  I cherished my extra time in the word and the chance to work on a few projects such as new kitchen curtains.  It was also a good season […]

Lessons Learned (Spring 2019 Edition)

It has been a long time since I have been here in this space.  What better time to begin again than with a recap of my Spring. These past few months have been a blur of activity and transitions, a wedding, and keeping up with my students at school.  My emotions have run the gauntlet from contentment, to anxiousness, to joy to sadness. […]

What I Learned In October (2018 Edition)

Today, it is Thanksgiving here in West Africa.  It is a national holiday usually celebrated by going to church for a time of thanksgiving.  Maybe later the family will gather for a meal together but nothing like we do in America.  The focus is on being thankful.  So I thought I would take a minute to list a few things that I am thankful […]

What I Learned This Summer (2018 Edition)

(Part of an art piece done by Big D’s AP Studio Art Class) Summer has officially ended.  W and Big D are both at their respective colleges.  My honey came back from the states right as I was finishing my second week of school here in West Africa.  The summer for us began with Big D’s graduation in Germany.  Then Big D and I […]

What I Learned This Spring (2018 Edition)

As North America heads into summer, West Africa begins its rainy season.   Last night, the rain played music on our metal roof as we tried to sleep.  Some nights it is a lullaby, and other nights it is a good excuse to read a book instead of sleeping.  Last night it lulled me to sleep. No matter what the […]

What’s Keeping Me Sane (February 2018 edition)

Some seasons especially the winter season can seem longer than others.  I remember feeling like winter would never end when I lived in Central Asia.  Here I only have two seasons-rainy and dry, but it often seems like rainy season goes on forever.  Lucky for me, I am in dry season and enjoying it.   So why am I doing a post […]