10 Ways Not To Rest

I was having coffee with a friend last week and she asked me how I was really doing.  She had noticed that I was more quiet lately at some of the gatherings and was a little worried about me.  I thought about her question and could not think of anything that I was having an issue with but being tired. […]

10 Reasons Why I Hate Secret Santas

Just to clarify a few things before I start my list.   First the secret Santa I am talking about is when at work or another place everyone picks someone’s name and gives them secret gifts for the weeks leading up to a Christmas party.  Then at the party or right before Christmas, you let your person know you have […]

What Anger Does Not Do.

This past month I have been dealing with anger in my life.  I want to respond calmly and rationally and instead I react.  I need to listen and instead I speak words I can’t take back.   I feel like I have more failures than successes.  As I was reading James this past week, I was reminded of how counterproductive […]