Teaching Tips from I Corinthians 13

(From Pental.com) Teaching brings out the best and worst in me.   Some days I feel like I have hit a home run.  My students are engaged and understanding what we are learning.  Other days I feel like I strike out.   I do everything I can to explain a concept and I get no where.  Or the students decide […]

What the Rest of My Family Read in 2012

(Books by Shutterhacks on Flickr) Our whole family likes to read.  As the children have gotten older, it has been fun to read the same books at the same time.  One of the benefits of e-books from Amazon is that Winter and I can be reading the same book on our kindles as the boys on their devices, all for […]

Lessons from Skiing

I have a love/hate relationship with skiing.  I didn’t go skiing for the first time until I was over 30 and since then have only had two other ski trips.  Our family this past month enjoyed a few days of skiiing in northern Spain.  The weather was great and it was amazing to see how the kids especially Big D […]

Saying No so I Can Say Yes..

We have come to love the slower pace of life here but there are certain months where life speeds up and before you know it you are exhausted and worn out.  December is often one of those months that is extra busy between finishing up a semester at school, Christmas, and then normal life.  At the beginning of the month […]

Things to Remember When You Feel Like a Victim..

The last week has been a challenging one for me.  It is funny that the things like our well pump breaking and getting sick weren’t that big of a deal.  On the other hand, computer and transportation glitches and missing calculators seemed to be more than I could handle.  I would like to say I handled it all gracefully.  Let […]

Lessons from My Chocolate Chip Stash

Chocolate chips are not sold in the country where I live as well as the other things pictured above.  Somehow I have accumulated quite a stash from gracious friends sending care packages in and from our spring break trip where we stopped at a Hershey’s store.  They are nice treat to have when it comes to baking but there is […]

10 Things You Should Not Procrastinate Doing

As I sit here procrastinating doing the dishes from lunch and breakfast, I decided to come up with a list of things that are better done sooner rather than later. 1.  Of course my dishes.  They are not going to wash themselves especially since I do not have a dishwasher. (Note: this was just one counter full.) 2. Scheduling a […]

10 Things to Remember When Your Feelings Get Hurt

Misunderstandings happen.  Words are said that should not have been said.  People don’t think before they do things.  This is life in a fallen world.   Last week as I was reading my email, I found that someone had pretty much taken over a task that I was suppose to do.  I had no clue, no warning.  If they would […]