Hot Water Bottles

Hot water bottles are one of the nicest inventions around at least where we live. We don’t have heat in our bedrooms so a hot water bottle does a great job of keeping our bed toasty. The only trouble is that someone has to heat the water and fill the bottles. Ideally if you want your bed just right when […]

Check it Out

This morning as I listened to the birds singing outside and felt the cool breeze coming in my window, I enjoyed reading a new blog by a dear friend of mine. Her words were true and full of grace. I can see myself going back and taking a second look at what she has written. So feel free to check […]

A Fun Surprise

My friend over at Cool Beans is spreading sunshine around through the Sunshine Award. My blog was one of the blogs listed for the award. I always enjoy taking a peek at different blogs so you may enjoy going to Cool Beans and seeing what other blogs she enjoys. The Sunshine Award is given to those blogs that inspire and […]