Links-January 2013

This week will be our first full week back at school this year.  The kids have been ready to learn and so far on their best behavior.  I am hoping that last through the week.  W and Big D both received good marks their report cards from last semester which keeps things less stressful around here.  The weather has been […]

Links-December 2012

Break is just one day away with only a few more tests to grade and a few more grades to enter in the electronic gradebook.  This past week especially with all the tragedy in Newtown, I have been thinking about how God wants us to come to him as we are.  Christmas is the perfect example of wise man and […]

Links-November 2012

(Photo by Allie Brill) As the weather gets colder, I am getting excited about the holidays approaching.  For once, I have started thinking and planning and anticipating listening to Christmas music.  The crazy thing is that I have picked up an extra class at school so work has been busier than normal but God in his grace has helped keep […]

Links-October 2012

October has been a busy month for us- visitors, new members on our team, quarter grades due and mood swings.  Here are a few blogs that have challenged me in the last month as I was once again faced with some of rough edges that God is working on in my life. I live in a Muslim country and when […]

Links-September 2012

School is in full swing.  In fact, next week we are sending out progress reports.  Slowly the students are getting use to their new teachers.  I am loving my classes at least for now and my children seem to enjoying their classes.  Here are a few of the blogs that I liked this month. From Desiring God,  Fight the Poverty […]

Links-August 2012

(pic by TJ 2012) This month my honey was able to take us flying and this was the view from the air.  It was a breath of fresh air after the summer in our dusty city.   Summer is coming to a close here with school starting on Wednesday.  Hopefully this teacher will be ready.  Here are a few of […]

Links-July 2012

Hope this finds you staying cool in spite of the heat.  This is a picture of my back patio where I like sit and talk with friends.  One of my goals for the rest of the summer is to spend more time out here especially in the early morning.  Here are my links for the month.  The Message of the […]

Links-June 2012

This week we started our summer break.  I am excited about the extra time to read, study, pray and hang out with friends that is if I can stay disciplined.  The following links were great reminders for me of my priorities for this summer and what I want to accomplish. The first post is about Why Bible Study Doesn’t Transform […]

Links-May 2012

For some reason all of the links for this month have lists.  I love lists. 1.  The first one has a list of questions that help gauge our busyness and how it affects our family.  It is found at Teaching Good Things and called the Curse of Busyness.   I think I will be going back to this site over the […]

Favorite Links-April 2012

Our family just got back a week ago from a trip to China.  Here is a picture of the plum trees blooming.  A great reminder that spring is here.  While on our trip, it was fun to have some downtime here and there to do some reading.  Here are some of my favorite links. Especially as I have one teenager […]