Going Deeper links-April 2014

(photo by me) This week I have had a lot on my mind.  Hopefully soon I will have a few posts to go with those thoughts.  For now,  I thought I would post a few links to posts that have been helpful to me in my journey to go deeper.   3 Questions You Must Ask Before Reacting at  Lysa TerKeurst […]

Twitterature April 2014: World War II Edition

My whole family read a lot this past month.  We were home more than normal due to the elections here and a few other things.  My husband and son read a bunch of fantasy specifically a lot of Brandon Muller’s books.  My daughter read through whatever she could get from the library online.  I seemed to gravitate towards books set […]

Links-October 2013

We are finally enjoying some Fall weather here in Texas.  Our time here in the states is going by quickly and it has been delightful reconnecting with friends.  It has been good to be settled in one place for the month.  It has been really good to just be able to take some time to rest and refresh and read. […]

Links-July/August 2013

(Photo from Travelour Planet) We are over halfway through our layover here in Dubai.  Big D and I are on our way back to the states.  We left our home this morning at 5:00 and by 6:30 we were sitting by our gate waiting for our plane to board.  For the first time ever, we were first in line at […]

The Best Series You Have Never Heard of in Fantasy

A few years ago I kept coming across a book that looked interesting in the library.  I finally checked it out and took it home.  By the end of the month, I had read the whole series and not accomplished as much as I needed to around the house.  The series was the Legends of the Guardian-King by Karen Hancock. […]

Links-June 2013

June is going by fast but my days have been relaxing and slow.  It has been nice to not have a lot on my plate and my healing foot gives me an excuse to say no.  I do have three goals maybe four for summer.  1. Get my foot healed. 2. Move which means packing, possibly overseeing some painting etc, […]

Links May 2013

May has been full: Big D’s play, W’s last basketball game, banquet for the Juniors. and Seniors, good bye parties, and today is graduation.  Thankful that in the midst of it all we had some quiet days to regroup and reconnect.  On a side note, I am still on crutches.  I found out my foot had a fracture so the […]

Links-April 2013

The last week has been filled with training.  First I was involved in a SYIS (Sharpening your interpersonal skills) workshop followed by a ladies retreat.  My mind is full of many things that I hope to go back to and study more closely in the weeks to come.  In spite of the days being draining, it was less tiring than […]

Links-March 2013

Spring is in the air even though we still need a bit of heat in the mornings and evenings.  Spring break is just a week away and there is a spring in my step.   I find myself more doing some spring cleaning and other projects instead of being at my computer but here are a few blogs that caught […]

Links-February 2013

The weather here is warming up and the snow is melting.  So far it hasn’t turned into too big of a muddy mess.  February seems to be going slow for being the shortest month of the year but we are pressing on.  Valentine’s day was a nice day of hanging out with my husband complete with a trip to the […]