Not Your Typical American Girl Party

My daughter went to an American Girl party this weekend. Two things stood out about this party. One, we live in a Central Asian country and secondly, this party had a special message for the girls. W. came home talking of a fun lunch, hair braiding and manicures. Later though she started a talking about how the hostess uses markers […]

What my daughter says about our journey

This was the poem that W put in our Christmas card this year. With mountains of snow We are on the go To tell about Jesus They really really need us. I wear a cloth around my head Because of culture Mom said. We will do it Because God said to do it. Dear God, Guide our journey. As we […]

Are you within hearing range?

A few years ago when we moved to this house, I realized my kids needed more outside time then I could spend outside. We lived on a cul–de-sac and my kids were older. So we came up with a system. They could play outside without me there if they would come when I called. At supper time or chore time, […]

Big D and Christmas

Thinking of Christmas this year makes me smile. My Big D is so into things. Today he and his big sis decorated our house. I am sure you can tell if you stop by. Since we are in a rental and will be away at Christmas, I almost decided not to decorate. Big D put his foot down and I […]

2 Fathers/2 Daughters

In October, my kids went to their first wedding that they could remember anyways. It was a wedding like no other. Our pastor’s daughter was getting married and the whole church was invited so we decided to go. During our time there, I was privileged to see two different fathers with two different daughters and I was touched. All the […]

Basketball Musings

Today I was wore out from watching a 1st grader play basketball. My son and his team were up and down the floor hustling, stealing the ball and even getting a few points here and there. They were playing a team that had creamed them at the beginning of the season but today they were holding their own and only […]

A Glance Back at Our School Year

At this time last year, I had no idea what our first year of homeschooling would be like. I must admit teaching my daughter went better then I thought. It took a while for us to get use to each other but we both loved books so we often couldn’t wait to find out what was happening next. It did […]