Do you ever read something and feel like you someone has stepped on your toes and rightly so? Here is a blog called the Treasure of Leftover Food. Every day I see people and sometimes goats going through the dumpster by our house looking for some treasure. I don’t stop often enough to thank God that I not only have […]

Fun Finds on the Web

With my honey gone, I decided to sit down and finally explore some of the blogs and websites I have been writing down that look interesting. I found two that I will be going back to. The first is a book review website. I love to read but sometimes have trouble sifting through all the books out there. I look […]

17 Years

Today is my 17th Wedding Anniversary and I thought I would share my bouquet of 17 flowers with you. When we were dating my DH gave me red daisies once and I have loved them ever since. Tonight W and D will hang out with their Aunt and Uncle while their mom and dad go on a date. This year […]

Great Article on Marriage

The Family Room – March 2009 – FamilyLife.com Just thought I would share this article. It was an encouragement to me to choose God in all things and let Him work giving the enemy no foothold. Dear God, Be with marriages today as they are under attack. May we be lights in our interactions so that others will be drawn […]

Black Friday

I actually got up at 5:30 to go shopping last Friday. Crazy don’t you think? Especially since I didn’t have much to get. My sister and I set out just a little before 6 so we could stop at Walmart on the way up to West Des Moines. Our goal was to be in line at the half price bookstore […]

Never in January

I love to read but I admit I have always struggled with the reading through the bible in a year. One thing that did help me was to relax and not worry about getting it done in a year but to keep going. In this way, it took me about a year and a half partly because I get sidetracked […]

Good bye to Buddy

Because of our upcoming adventures, we knew that Buddy would need a new home. On Wed. he was placed with his new family and even has a brother Brittany to play with. We are thankful that God found a home for Buddy and that he will be loved. Even though Buddy could aggravate me at times, especially when it would […]

Thing I have learned or been reminded of

My husband is in Kenya for 10 days and during his absence I have learned these things. 1. My husband is my best friend and I miss hanging out with him and communicating with him daily.2. My heart is set for God’s plan for us.3. I have great kids with big hearts.4. We have great friends who care about us.5. […]

Word of encouragement

Jude 24 God is strong and can help you not to fall. He can bring you before his glory without any wrong in you and can give you great joy. A good word for those days when we just want to give up.

What I have learned from my Dad

As Father’s day approached and went, I thought about the lessons my dad is teaching me that I hope to pass down to my kids. The first thing is – people are important. Dad always has time for people. He had time to play tons of ping pong with his girls as they were growing up. He had time to mentor […]