Rich in Faith (James 2 Verses at a time plus 1)

(photo credit: My honey) I always wondered what it would have been like to know George Muller in person.   Would I have thought he was crazy?  That he should have been a bit more practical?  If you don’t know already, George Muller was known for running many orphanages in Germany and never asking for a penny.  He would pray, and God […]

What’s My Motive (James Two Verses at a Time x2)

We are all on a journey and on that journey we need people.  People who can help us along that journey.  We network which can be a great thing.  It helps people, organizations, and companies get things done.   Networking connects people with other people.  It is valuable in tough situations.  It helps people get things accomplished in a more […]

5 Reasons Why We Don’t Obey God’s Word (James Two Verses at a Time x2)

(Picture by my dear husband) One of the biggest challenges as a parent is training your child to listen and then obey what you have asked him to do.  Sometimes the child doesn’t obey because he doesn’t listen.  Another child doesn’t obey because she forgot what you said as soon as she turned around.  While still another child just doesn’t obey because he didn’t want to. […]

Where are Your Desires Leading You: (James 2 Verses at a Time)

What do you desire?  Cain desired God’s acceptance but his sacrifice was rejected.   This made Cain angry.  God confronted Cain about his anger and warned him that sin was crouching at his door.  He must subdue it or it would become his master.  Instead of listening to God’s wisdom, Cain killed his brother.  Somehow he thought that would give […]

Endure Patiently (James Two Verses at a Time)

Even though some seasons are harder than others, each season has its challenges.   The challenge may be children who are sick or unruly.  It could even be conflict at work or health problems.  On the other hand, your challenge could be too much time on your hands or being too busy.  Our season is full of finishing school and […]