Favorite Books-2012

One of my favorite things at the beginning of the year is to go back and look at the books I read the past year.  One fun thing about having a kindle is that I am able to go back and review what quotes I have highlighted the past year.   I wish I could say that more of what […]

Our Family’s Favorite 2011 Reads-Part 3

Here are Big D’s and W’s lists. Big D’s List 1.  Inheritance(last book of the Eragon Series) by Christopher Paolini . 2. Harry Potter Series by J.K.Rowlings . I know these books have been around awhile and to tell the truth we put off reading them due to differing opinions about them.  Big D’s teacher this year had the books and so after […]

Our Family’s Favorite 2011 Reads-Part 1

One hobby that our family all enjoys is reading good books.  As the children have grown older, it has been fun for us to all read some of the same books.  Looking back over my list for the year, I was surprised to find that I read a lot more nonfiction than normal.  I guess my tastes are changing as […]

Our Family’s 2010 Favorite Reads

One thing I like about my family is that we all like to read. As our daughter gets older, it is fun sharing the same books and seeing her perspective on the book. We have similar tastes but each has their own ideas of what they like best. Living overseas we don’t have access to librarys so before moving we […]

Fourth of July

While growing up, one of the highlights of my summer was my small town’s July 4th celebration. This year my family was able to celebrate it with me. It is a time with family and friends and fun memories. The fun started with my kids getting their bikes ready for the children’s parade. My daughter dressed as a clown riding […]


I am in Iowa and am reminded that at heart I am an Iowa girl. I like the smell of freshly cut hay and the feel of soft grass beneath my feet. I like being in the town where I grew up which has changed but not so much that I still know how to get places and still know […]

Favorite Things #2

I was going to try to do favorite things on Friday One of my favorite things is Saturdays where nothing big is planned and you just get to do whatever. Today would be one of those days. I had breakfast with my accountability group, took a tour of my friends new house, did laundry, went to lunch with my family, […]

Favorite Things Friday

Last night as I was taking a walk with my children, I was reminded that this was one of my favorite things. I love to hear them chatter about their day or run ahead and explore or even find pecans or acorns along the way. Sometime Buddy comes along and sometimes not. On this occassion we went to a creek […]