Thoughts on Turning 50

Today I turn 50 years old.  Ten years ago today, my family and I did our first presentations as we raised money to move overseas.  Nine months later, we were on a plane heading to Central Asia   This past decade we have lived in four different countries, learned a new language, made deep friendships, had our hearts broken, and grew closer as a family.  In the midst […]

How To Live Loved: Advice to My Younger Self

Dear Younger Self, Remember how as a kid, you loved going around singing Sunday school songs at the top of your lungs with “Jesus Loves Me” being your favorite?  Did you believe it then that Jesus loved you?  When did you stop believing it?  When did you let your insecurities and what others thought start dictating your actions?   Living loved […]

Control Musing

From New Oxford American Dictionary:      Musing: A period of reflection or thought.     Control: The power to influence or direct people’s behavior or course of events. This past week, I have been thinking a lot (or musing) about control.  In my continuing education, the topic for the week was motivation and locus of control.  The Locus of Control […]

Memories Musing

In the fantasy book, A Deliverer Comes, Ollie tries to help Zoraoh learn to use a gift, where those of noble blood, mind speak.  During a lesson, Zoraoh stumbles into one of Ollie’s painful childhood memories in which he was being beaten. Ollie is startled and a little embarrassed to find Zoraoh inside his memory.  In his memory, Zoraoh speaks […]

A Father Waiting Musing

Right now my husband is waiting by his computer for our daughter to contact him.  He has information that will help her on her journey back to the States.  You see, she is in a European airport and due to a delay on her first flight, she has missed the next flight on her itinerary.  Her father knows her next leg […]

Happily Ever After?

(Photo credit to Big D) I love Hallmark movies especially the Christmas ones.  Girl meets boy.  Miscommunication happens; sparks fly.  The next hour and a half is full of laughter and maybe tears but the ending always promises a happily ever after.  It is predictable and fun.   Last month, I read When God Doesn’t Fix It by Laura Story. […]

Dive In…

Whether it is an ocean or pool, there are usually two different ways that people get in the water.  Some people test the water out by first dipping their toe in the water.  Then they gradually work the rest of their body slowly into the water.  Finally they might actually dunk underwater making the transition complete.  Other people like my children have the […]

Never Unfriend Musing (A Book Review)

In Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan, he helps us visualize what burdens are in our lives. Christian journeys to the Celestial City.  It is hard pilgrimage with many lessons learned along the way. At the beginning of section three there is a beautiful picture. Christian has a burden on his back that weighs him down. On the hill, he sees a […]

Chew Your Food

(photo credit: My son) One thing I remember about my grandmother was that she always chewed her food well.  She would be the last one still eating not because she talked too much but because she chewed her food throughly.  I did not inherit this trait from her.  For as long as I can remember, I have been a fast eater.  I know I […]

A Mother’s Day Musing

This Mother’s day afternoon, I sit in my favorite chair in a corner of my room.  The house is quiet.  My husband has left for a business trip.  My daughter is in the states getting ready for her summer adventure, and my son will be here in a month.  It is quiet, but I am not alone.   Mother’s day can be hard for […]