We All Want to Belong

Have you ever wanted to recommend a book to a fictional character?  I have.  I don’t know if it is a side effect of reading too much or the timeliness of the topic (belonging) in my life.  My vote is for the later.  Three characters in Tricia Mingerink’s book, Midnight’s Curse, wrestle with belonging which is the theme of Kristen Strong’s book, Back Roads to Belonging. […]

First Quarter Reads 2019

I almost feel guilty saying this but I would rather read on my kindle than a physical book. Being an avid reader, I feel like I should be a purist and love reading from actual paper books, but I don’t.  My husband bought me my first kindle when we moved overseas over ten years ago.  I wasn’t too excited about it […]

October Reads (2018 Edition)

This past week I read you can tell a lot about a person by the books on his or her bookshelf.  In my case, it would be the books on my kindle.  What would you find?  First of all, you would notice the Christian Living section but probably not realize that many still have not been opened. Then you might gravitate to […]

A Litte Bit of Everything (Summer Reads 2018)

At the beginning of the summer, I was in a reading rut.  I was restless and nothing grabbed my attention.  As the summer went on, these titles caught my eye and made their way onto my kindle as I traveled through the midwest and finally back to West Africa.  The books ranged from devotional to fantasy to chick lit to memoir.   Here are the […]

That Last Book of a Trilogy (April Reads 2018)

Sometimes I wait until the second book of a trilogy or series is published before I dive into the first one.  This way I don’t have to sit around on pins and needles as bide my time til the next book comes out.  I know this isn’t the best strategy  for supporting my favorite authors, but it is does save me some […]

Eclectic Reads (March 2018 Edition)

What do you do when you are awake at 5:30 and can’t get back to sleep?  Sometimes I get up and start my day but ost of the time, I am not ready to get out of bed.   I would rather continue reading whatever was on my nightstand from the night before.  The best thing about reading so early […]