Spring Lessons 2021 Edition

These past few months have flew by too quickly, and sadly my brain has been too full of other things to write in this space. Thankfully, it has been a good full as you will see below. Today, a few days before Summer officially begins, I take a few minutes to reflect on the lessons learned this spring.

Here they are…

My Morning Office

1. How to Write an Online Calculus Course

According to Strength Finders, learning is my top strength. This is why when I received the opportunity to write a Calculus course, I thought, “Why not?” The trouble is that I know Calculus but I have never written a course from scratch plus I am not the most technical person. Thankfully my school had 10 weeks of online training.

Starting in February, I took a course on how to write an online course. My assigned subject was AP Calculus AB. I loved it. I thought I would be overwhelmed by the technological aspect, but my teacher was great and always ready to answer questions. The course concentrated on how to write using a backwards design approach with Biblical integration. As the weeks went on, we applied what we were learning to the course we will be writing. I have lots of notes and ideas that I hope will come in handy as I start the actual writing this month. I also have a great coach and team to go to for questions and when I get stuck. I love a challenge and this will definitely be one.

2. Learning to focus on God

When I focus on God, the rest falls into place. This spring I have been studying the books of Psalms and Exodus. Both books clearly point to a God that is not only sovereign but a God who wants to be known by His people. When I want to despair, I remember that God is a God who fights for me. When I am overwhelmed by the transitions, I remember I am not alone. God is bigger than my circumstances and emotions. A fact I need to be reminded of daily.

One thing that deepens the study for me is looking up the different names for God in the passage that I am reading. If I can’t figure out what name is being used, Bible Gateway has a lexicon that shows the Greek or Hebrew for each verse. For example in my NASB, LORD (in all caps) is Yahweh or I am. God is usually Elohim but when He is referred to My God it is Adonai, a more personal name. Then in Exodus, many names of God are introduced. In chapter 3 at the burning bush, God tells Moses that He will be known as YAHWEH or I am. At the end of chapter 15, God introduces Himself as their healer, YAHWEH Rophe. Then in chapter 17 after a victorious battle, we see God as the Lord is my banner or YAHWEH Nissi. All of these names remind me that God can not be put in a box.

In April, I went to the doctor about an issue that required more testing. The first part of May was navigating that testing. It was stressful and tiring, and in the end, I paid a lot of money to be told I was everything was fine. During those days, the Psalms seemed extra sweet as I was reminded that God is my Rock, my Savior, and so much more. These are truths no matter the circumstances. These truths grounded me. It was not that I didn’t shed a tear or two, however I did not despair since I trusted the hand of God to be faithful whatever the outcome.

3. For Now the Nomad Life Fits Us

We are going on ten months of being RV nomads, and we love it. This spring, we have been in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Illinois, Iowa, South Dakota, and now Utah. Our stays in each place range from a few days to a month depending on travel plans and location. Thankfully our jobs allow us to be mobile. We are slowly learning to balance between fun and work.

This time on the road has allowed us to spend extra time with family. For the first time in many years, I was able to spend Mother’s day with my mom. April was full of family birthdays including my husband’s 50th while we were in Tennessee. Besides time with family and friends, we have been able to spend time in God’s creation- hiking, biking and even paddle boarding or kayaking. We love the variety of landscape and culture, BUT most of all we love reconnecting and spending time with loved ones.

4. How to Paddle Board

While at Custer State Park, my husband and I rented paddle boards. I was nervous since we had just hiked 4 miles, and I didn’t have on a swimsuit. We started off on our knees and then slowly stood up. With some pointers from a paddle boarder near by, we adjusted our stance and continued. By the end of our 30 minutes, we felt more comfortable, but also knew that our shaky legs needed rest. I can’t wait to try it again soon. Who knows? Maybe owning a paddle board is in our future?

5. Celebration is Good

My husband and I celebrated 29 years of marriage this month. Since this math teacher loves prime numbers, we decided to celebrate all month. Celebrating has mostly included food. In South Dakota, it was bumble berry pie and key lime pie and lemon poppy seed ice cream. In Utah, it has been a pizza with homemade mozzarella and onions sautéed in balsamic vinegar. But it has also been wildlife scenic drives, hikes, bike rides, and time on the water. The key is intentional time together. Today it was me going and getting coffee from a fun local coffee place as a mid morning treat.

Lemon Poppy Seed Ice Cream and Ice Cream Sandwiches

It is a blessing to be married to my best friend and Prince Charming. This year our relationship has been stretched as we have learned to navigate RV life and the setting up and tearing down as well as sharing a smaller space. But in the end, I feel like our bond is stronger.

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