Transition and Threadbare Prayers

Transition and Threadbare Prayers

 We moved back to the states in July to a US in transition. Life in the season of COVID-19 is much different for everyone not just those of us moving back to our home country or to a new location. How we go about our daily lives is different. In some ways, we are more distant and in other ways, we are hanging on to all the connection we can. 

I am no stranger to transition. During the last twelve years I have lived on three different continents with three very different cultures.  I have learned that experience in transition can help navigate some of the bumps easier but it is still challenging. The emotions will still be there. The in-betweenness will makes me wonder if life will ever feel normal again.  The good news is that from past experience I do know that these feelings will pass.

In the midst of our transition and figuring out what living in America looks like again, we bought a RV and a truck to pull it.  Currently, we are on the road visiting family and friends before starting our remote jobs. It has been good to see each loved one face to face, but for this introvert it has also been draining. The choices in the stores have been overwhelming as we had to rebuy dishes and household items. Even grocery shopping seems daunting as we figure out good prices and which item to buy. Navigating the American health system has been frustrating. Mixed in to all this are the delights of cooking with friends, hiking new trails, and spending time with my kids.

My theme for the summer was the promise that God was with me taken from my study of Haggai and Zechariah. I knew remembering that fact was key in my survival, but I had also forgotten how foggy my brain gets during stress.  I struggled with sitting down and doing my time in the word.  I had trouble concentrating. That is why I am thankful I signed up to be an advanced reader for Stacey Thacker’s new book Threadbare Prayers.  Looking back, it seems crazy I would sign up for this commitment during transition.  But now, I see God’s hand.

This book of 100 prayers is perfect for those days I need time with God but also need help focusing my thoughts on God.  Reading a threadbare prayer before bed helps my mind settle on the truth of God’s word and who God is instead of my to-do list and the stress of the day.  Each prayer begins with a verse that could even be one that is great to memorize or journal my own thoughts when I have time to reflect. 

If you are in transition like I am or feel like you are threadbare due to life up and downs in any season, Threadbare Prayers would be a good resource for those days when you want to pray or don’t know how.

We all need prayer these days. How can I pray for you in this season?

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      So encouraged by your journey. I am believing with you that God is meeting your right where you are!

      Thank you for being part of Team Threadbare! I'm so grateful for you.


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