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Lessons Learned in June (2020 Edition)

Lessons Learned in June (2020 Edition)

I feel like April and May flew by, and then in June, time slowed down.  I enjoyed the slower days. When my husband was home, we spent a lot of time dreaming and thinking about what’s next for us.  Many mornings began with dodging rain drops on my run. I watched too many Hallmark movies and drank a lot of iced coffee. I  also found myself stretched as I began to learn some new technology and figure out how to best use my time.  Here are a few things that I learned this month.

What I Learned This Month:

1. New to Me Technology

As we think transition, I have been exploring some online teaching/math options. One option is answering math questions online for few dollars per question. It is not a money maker but has helped me learn about how to use a codex editor and a site called Geobra. 

For another option, I am learning to use an online video teaching platform.  Truthfully, I am not sure if either is a good fit long term. For now, they are a way to keep learning and growing in my profession.

2. Bible Study is Better Together

At the end of May, I finished writing a Bible study called Rebuild that I had been working on for almost a year. I asked some friends to go through it and test it. One friend suggested doing a zoom call every two weeks to share what we are learning from the study. The ladies range in age from 23 to 74 and are in 5 different states. It has been life-giving for me to see their faces every two weeks and hear what God is teaching them. 

For the study, my husband is graciously going through it and helping me edit it.  I have been grateful for his help. I haven’t decided what to do with the study once we are done testing. For now, I am praying about next steps. 

3. Endurance

This has been a season for endurance. Physically, I am building endurance as I get closer to running three miles without stopping. Mentally, I am building endurance as I challenge myself to answer math questions accurately or finish well a writing project I started. 

But the most challenging is having endurance spiritually.  Do I trust God even when I might be here longer than I planned? Do I trust that God has a plan? Our tickets are for July 31st.  Friends who have tickets earlier in the month are getting their flights canceled.  So far, our flight is still on the schedule.  We are trying to hold our plans loosely as we continue to plan and dream. 

4. More Time Does Not Equal More Productivity

Mondays are my worst. I get up and exercise but after that I find myself scrolling through Facebook or meandering around the house.  I am finding a checklist helps, but also realizing that this is a season to not get as much done.  

As long as my husband is taken care of and my obligations are met, I shouldn’t get too stressed.

5. I Can Survive Without a Meal Plan

I am one of those people who usually plans all her meals and then makes out her grocery list.  I never stuck to the meal plan religiously, but at least I had a plan. The past few months, I make a list of the basics, and my husband gets the groceries on his way home. We have done a lot more winging it, but it has been fun. The great thing is that my husband doesn’t always stick to the list.  He will often bring home a meat that he found that isn’t usually available or some other surprise ingredient.  I am also grateful when he restocks my cokes and  pretzel crisps even if they aren’t on the list. 

What are some things you have learned this month? Share in the comments.

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      Ah, no meal plan for me, friend. I try to buy things on sale and toss whatever's freezeable in the freezer. Mid-afternoon, I often open it up to see what will fall out for dinner.

      Not very exciting but it's worked for me. I do wish I was a more adventurous, creative cook though …

      And yes, let's hear it for endurance. If ever we needed to embrace and claim it, it'd be right about now.

      Bless you!

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