Listening and Learning

Over the past few years, my husband and  I have enjoyed reading books together. We will often be reading the same fiction books but separately.  Since we don’t always read at the same pace, we will often try to get hints of future events out of the person who is ahead in their reading. That person is usually me. Other […]

Caution: Transition Ahead

The whole world is in transition whether we like it or not. States waver between opening and staying closed. People debate whether to wear a mask or not. Students are either worried whether school will start up again or relieved that it might be delayed.  People are working to correct injustices made to minorities.  How can we do better. Transition […]

Lessons Learned in June (2020 Edition)

I feel like April and May flew by, and then in June, time slowed down.  I enjoyed the slower days. When my husband was home, we spent a lot of time dreaming and thinking about what’s next for us.  Many mornings began with dodging rain drops on my run. I watched too many Hallmark movies and drank a lot of […]