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It happened so quickly. My hand hit the off key on my computer and it crashed.   The computer is not fixable by my techie husband and will need to go to an Apple store on the other side of the ocean. All of this could have been prevented if I would have thought through my actions or if I would have asked for help from my husband sitting right beside me. Instead, I panicked thinking a 1000 pictures were going to download on my computer, and I wouldn’t be able to stop them. Why didn’t I ask for help? Truthfully? I didn’t want to look like I did something stupid.  Which is funny since I ended up doing something more stupid. It would have all been prevented if I would have asked for help. Thankfully my mistake only caused me to lose a week’s worth of work and the use of my computer until we get stateside.  

Depending on the situation, not asking for help can have severe consequences. I was lucky. This season of staying at home and dealing with a pandemic has put an extra weight on many. It is a season where you might need help. You might be overwhelmed trying to keep up with housework and regular work. You might be questioning your sanity as you spend 24/7 with your kids and spouse or spending 24/7 by yourself.  Maybe you lost your job and don’t know how you will pay next month’s rent. Or maybe this isolation has brought up anger or anxiety issues.  
It started me thinking about why we don’t like to ask for help.   Some reasons could be any of the following.
  1. We don’t want to impose on others who are already busy.
  2. We don’t want to seem weak or “stupid”.
  3. We don’t want to be rejected or have been rejected in the past.
  4. We got ourselves in this mess so we need to get out of it on our own.
The thing is I like to help people. I don’t mind others asking me for help. I don’t think less of them or that they are imposing.  If I can help, I will.  That is what friends do, they help each other out. So why would I think that my friends or even family wouldn’t feel the same way?  Because I am believing a lie that I am not enough or loved enough for people to want to help. Isn’t that what all those reasons are really saying? Can you relate?
Do you need help? If so, what’s keeping you from asking for help? I may not be able to help you out in person, but I would love to pray for you.  Psalm 121: 2 reminds us that our help comes from the Lord who made the heavens and earth.  Even now I pray that God will give you the peace and answers that you need. I pray that you will see the people He has placed in your life that are willing to lend a helping hand or listening ear.  I pray that God will bless you this day.

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      TJ, hi! It seems like the older I get, the more comfortable I am in my own skin and in the ability to ask for an extra hand. No need to impress or please or think I've arrived on my own.

      Father, Son, and Spirit live in community where they work together to bring about Their purposes.

      It's a great model for us …

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