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A Story of When Life Doesn’t Go as Planned

A Story of When Life Doesn’t Go as Planned

Back in 2015, I wrote a blog post called A Tribute to My Daughter.  In the post, I talked about a dress W had bought for her senior banquet that never happened.  W’s school had closed in during winter break because of security concerns. It was a time of unknowns for us in our area of the world.

 As I see the pictures of seniors making their own memories by having proms at home or finding ways to celebrate this last year of high school, I am reminded of the spring of 2015 and the memories we made. The situations although different have many similarities. I thought you might enjoy W’s take on that time.  Here is her Story…

Life does not always go according to plan.  During winter break, right before the last semester of my senior year of high school, I learned that my school would be shutting down and that I would have to find a different avenue to be able graduate.  I was already accepted into Liberty University for the fall and I didn’t want to be delayed a year. Since we lived in Central Asia, there weren’t any other schools that we could switch to.  My mom, having homeschooled us before, had to find a way to get us accredited to finish off the year. Thankfully we were able to sign up through Home Life Academy in Tennessee.  Not only were my brother and I to be homeschooled but also another fellow senior, N, and his brother J.  
The plan to finish my year at the international school had flopped but the arrangement to homeschool and also have some fellow classmates really did make it the best semester I could have imagined.  You see, I had a crush on N, and it was nice to have the opportunity to spend time with him and get to know him better. N and J would come over three times a week to work on homework and for my mom to go through some of the lessons.  Our semester was really fun. We would order out food on Wednesdays and watch a show during lunch.  After lunch, N and I always washed dishes together and that is when we grew closer.  Even though we weren’t able to celebrate with the senior class, we had a wonderful evening with both our families celebrating our graduation.  
Even though I would not have planned my last semester to be homeschooled, I would not have had it any other way.  If it had been different, my family wouldn’t have been able to get to know N and his family better.  Most importantly, N and I started dating our freshman year of college and four years later got married.  Isn’t it cool how God works in mysterious ways?  How through such a difficult and unexpected turn of events. Through the confusion and the uncertainty, God still used a such a tough situation for good.  Even without being able to have a normal graduation or enjoy spending my last semester with my teachers and classmates, God still used the last semester to bless me in a way that continues to this day.

This story is a reminder of how God uses all seasons in ways we may not expect. Your story may not be a love story like this one, but God is always working something good.  No W didn’t have a graduation ceremony with all the bells and whistles, but we were able to celebrate her.  If she would have had a regular ceremony, I am not sure that we would have affirmed her as well as we did that day as we blessed encouraged, and prayed over her.  In the end, the celebration was a perfect fit.

I know this is a hard season for many as they seek to find some closure and worry about what comes next, but I also know that each season has its blessings.  I pray that you will be able to find joy, creativity, and celebration in the midst of all the craziness.  I pray that good memories will be made as you navigate this new season.
Blessings, TJ

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      oh how very good to be reminded yet again that God is able to use all things, even the tragic and scary and uncertain, to bring good into our lives.

      this is a hard truth.

      grace helps us grab hold of it.

      bless you, TJ.

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      Lovely story! I remember those days and enjoy hearing who good things come out of difficult circumstances.

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